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Five Years Later, The Protest That Redefined The West

Three innocent men have now been incarcerated for over 3 years.

Shutting Down The Defense - UPDATES on Bunkerville Trial five years later

Five Years Later, The Protest That Redefined The West

By Doug Knowles

5 Years after the final day of the what would come to be known as the “Bundy Ranch Standoff”, the federal government still has not given up.  However, neither has the “Bundy Ranch” and all of those that support them.

After the unprecedented dismissal of the charges in the case for all of the remaining defendants, citing gross “prosecutorial malfeasance”, the federal government’s prosecution is still attempting to reopen the case by appealing the dismissal to the 9th circuit court of appeals.

Least not be forgotten, the remaining folks from the first and second trials that are still incarcerated with appeals pending based on the dismissal and realization of the defense that they were not allowed to present in those trials.

Todd Engel, Greg Burleson, and Jerry DeLemus were all sentenced and incarcerated based on either charges that were thrown out or dismissed in the third trial mentioned above.  All three innocent men have now been incarcerated for over 3 years.


Todd Engel 18427-023

USP Lompoc – U.S. Penitentiary

3901 Klien Blvd Lompoc, Ca  93436-2706

Donations to Todd’s Defense may be made at:


Gerald DeLemus 15263-049

FMC Devens Federal Medical Center

P.O. Box 879 Ayer, MA 01432

Donation and support:


Gregory P. Burleson #56875408

USP Coleman I U.S. Penitentiary

P.O. Box 1033 Coleman, Florida 33521

Donation and support:


The Center For Self Governance has created this one-hour documentary as part one of a series documenting the “Bundy Ranch Standoff” and the Murder of Lavoy Finicum during the Refuge Occupation in Oregon.


Doug Knowles is a Conservative activist, and manages It Matters How You Stand and BIRDpuk webpages.

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2 Comments on Five Years Later, The Protest That Redefined The West

  1. Yes, Those cows weren’t wasting any time ! They were damned glad to get out of captivity and made a beeline for the river ! And the manic celebration when we got back to the stage area ! The enormity of what we had just done sinking in ! But we have to remember who gave it to us – and I mean it from the bottom of my heart – A crotchety old man and his lion’s brood of sons. As Cliven said, he would defend his property and way of life “Whatever it takes”, but the Govt criminals had to be “Learned” his meaning ! All well and good to recall such glorious days, but the fight isn’t over, not by a long shot. We’ll Claim, Use, and Defend….

  2. Thank you for reposting the video. Every time I see it I get a bit misty-eyed. It has become a template, a mental Icon for America, the cows coming home to the river of life and the damned-by-God order-following soul-less gov-bots with their military guns and gear forced to retreat.
    I am so proud of every American who went to stand with the Bundy family, and I truly hope that some day the government employees who participated in the travesty sit down and take time to read Article 1, Section 8, and search their previously-sold souls to see if they can stretch their imaginations enough to find some damned excuse for federal management of public lands inside the boundaries of any of our sovereign States.
    Elias Alias
    PS: Additional Reading — (Note: Three videos are currently disabled in the article I’m linking here, owing to increasing censorship across the board by government and tech giants in bed with government. Please overlook those three disabled videos. Thank You.)

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