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WBCSD 83: Indefinite Means Permanent Levy!

Please Vote No on March 12

WBCSD 83: Indefinite Means Permanent Levy!

Indefinite Means Permanent!

On Tuesday, March 12th, every voter gets to vote to mortgage their children’s future! Is that what they mean by, “it’s for the children”?

The West Bonner County School District 83 (WBCSD) Levy has 2 questions:

1.      For or Against $3M Levy

2.     For or Against a Permanent Levy

The school district says that it will save the taxpayers if they don’t have to continue to have a vote for the Levy. Yet, when asked why they didn’t have this vote in our November election, saving taxpayers about $40,000, they had no answer.

Since 2008 the levy has risen 362% and student attendance has fallen 33%.  State funding for teachers has risen 40% in the last 7 years. So how difficult is this decision to mortgage your children’s future? Vote to stop it now or it will be a Forever Tax!


Maureen Paterson
Priest River


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