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Washington State and the Second Amendment

It's interesting to see how many sheriffs across the state are refusing to enforce I-1639

Washington State and the Second Amendment

Washington State and the Second Amendment

by Rep. Matt Shea

For an updated list of all the House bills dealing with guns and the Second Amendment, click here. You can then click on each bill to see its status, but pay attention to whether or not it has a “companion bill.”

Overall, we’re working hard to protect our Second Amendment rights. However, there continues to be a push to ban so-called “assault weapons” and to put limits on how many rounds a magazine can have. There is even a bill that would retroactively require certified training (at your expense) for each weapon a concealed pistol license holder uses. So, if you carry a 9mm Glock, you’d have to have training on that weapon. But if you switched to a .45 Kimber, you would again have to receive training for that weapon. It’s ludicrous and something I’m fighting hard against.

It’s also interesting to me to see how many sheriffs across the state are refusing to enforce I-1639, the gun initiative from last year. I personally find it insulting that an 18-year old can enlist and die for his or her country, but can’t go to White Elephant and purchase a Ruger 10/22 rifle? Here is a breakdown on which counties supported the initiative:

Here is a breakdown on all the Sheriffs who refuse to enforce the law, mostly because they feel it is unconstitutional:

And here is a screen shot of a Yakima Herald poll, taken at the end of its one-week existence, asking if readers support their sheriff and prosecutor’s refusal to enforce the initiative:

I’m curious what you think? Should our county sheriff enforce this initiative? Should state lawmakers work to overturn the initiative? Click here to let your voice be heard.

Thank you for staying involved in YOUR state government. We are here to serve you and work on your behalf. If you have questions or concerns with an issue we’re working on, please contact my office at your convenience.

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2 Comments on Washington State and the Second Amendment

  1. I first met Mr Shea at Bundy Ranch, and He’s stayed in the front lines fighting for our liberty ever since. Let’s not forget that he’s the one who publicized the bombshell “Wooten Memo” – with the help of our redoubtable Ms Dovale – that helped scuttle Bundy et al in Vegas. I’m sure that Matt sees it, as do many of us: The anti – armed citizen people will NEVER be satisfied till our 2A rights consist of a single shot, 22 short rifle. Even If this I-1639 were fully enforced – along with all their current GG bills, they’d be back next year with another set of “Intolerable Acts” restricting Liberty’s Teeth even more. Kudos to Mr Shea for standing in the gap ! Stand with him !

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