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And It Begins: Vaccine Police State

This is the medical police state at work, denying citizens the right to exist if they do not agree to be injected

vaccine police state mandate

And It Begins: Vaccine Police State

by Shari Dovale

Rockland County, NY has declared a countywide State of Emergency for measles.

As of midnight on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 anyone who is under 18 years of age and unvaccinated against the measles will be barred from public places under threat of arrest and six months in prison. The declaration will last for 30 days, unless they decide to renew it.

Public places include schools, churches, government buildings, voting places, malls, public parks, public transit, and more.

This is a very dangerous precedent that needs to be challenged.

I am not advocating for or against vaccines. I am advocating for sovereignty over yourself, to determine what you want for your own body, and that of your children. It is not the government’s place to decide for you how you should live your life.

They have begun with the children, and it will escalate from there. How can it not?

This is the Nanny-State on Steroids. Orwell could have dreamed this one up.

Mike Adams, at Natural News, reports this assessment of the situation:

Notably, the government can mandate new vaccines at any time, then claim those new vaccines must also be injected into everyone at gunpoint, then banning those who don’t comply from leaving their own homes. Effectively, this new mandate makes people prisoners in their own homes unless they obey the government’s insane, anti-science vaccination mandates rooted in Big Pharma corruption and the routine bribery of doctors and public health officials.

Vaccine compliance will now be enforced essentially at gunpoint in Rockland County, with those who violate the medical martial law being subject to arrest and six months in prison. No doubt the government there will soon announce “snitch rewards” for citizens who call the police on unvaccinated residents, turning them in for food stamps or whatever else the government is giving away to those who service as the “vaccine secret police” snitch brigade.

It’s also clear that citizens will soon be required to carry “vaccine ID cards” to prove their compliance with ever-expanding government mandates that now threaten the health and safety of tens of millions of children in the USA alone. “Show me your vaccine papers” is the new mantra, and this pilot program in Rockland will be rolled out across the entire country unless there is strong push back against it.

In effect, the new vaccine martial law decree makes non-vaccinated people prisoners in their own home, denying them access to all the public services their own tax dollars have helped fund, including roads, sidewalks, public transportation, sports stadiums and even government offices.

Taking a cue from Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, non-vaccinated citizens are now being “un-personed” in Rockland County, essentially labeled as non-persons who have no access to society. This is the medical police state at work, denying citizens the right to exist if they do not agree to be injected with every toxic substance the misinformed bureaucracy demands be injected into children and adults alike.

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6 Comments on And It Begins: Vaccine Police State

  1. Hmmm, banning people from public places for 30 Days who have not been vaccinated is sort of like a quarantine; quarantining being a very smart practice.

    Had the American Natives practiced quarantining millions and millions of their lineage would have survived the epidemics brought in from outside.

    During the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 they straight shut down all public places. During the Revolutionary Way whole groups of soldiers were purposely infected with Small Pox to build up their immunity. During the Yellow Fever of 1793 which drove the American government from Philadelphia…the whole town was quarantined by the surrounding country-side…no one was allowed to leave…people were even tarred and feathered when they did try to leave because they were bring death with them.

    This is not an easy topic when talking about liberty because it is a social and infectious topic as well.

    It bears reviewing the strategies to survive an epidemic:
    1) Leave early and return late. Epidemics usually have two waves; don’t come back until the 2nd wave has occurred…and leave the area early…if you are not near the disease you can’t catch it.
    2) Complete Isolation. No one comes into contact with you or your group, PERIOD, until the 2nd wave of the epidemic is over.
    3) Strict quarantine. A person who wants to come into contact with you or your group has to go through a period of observation lasting longer than the infection period.

    Break all those rules and chances are infection will be the result.

    Also, how liable should a person be for infecting someone else? I had a dear family catch the flu this winter from a lady/customer in AppleBee’s who was coughing and hacking drawing stares from lots of people in the restaurant.

      • Don’t get me wrong, every time we moved from one foreign military base to another foreign military base I’d have to “get my shots” which would mean at least four vaccine shots and up to six spread over my arms. Besides not being fun…there are the documented autism side effects and even deaths from these shots. It is not a clear cut topic.

        But in the instance this article is pointing too…no one is being forced to get a shot/vaccine.

        And measles is not just an illness…it is a disease that can kill:
        “One out of every 1,000 measles cases progresses to acute encephalitis, which often results in permanent brain damage. One or two out of every 1,000 children who become infected with measles will die from respiratory and neurological complications.”

        • And it’s clearly designed as a power play, not a true preventive measure.

          1) Unvaccinated adults are free to move about in public places.
          2) Vaccinated adults who may have lost immunity over time are free to move about in public places.
          3) Those who are unvaccinated due to their age or medical contraindications are free to move about in public places.
          4) Newly-vaccinated individuals still able to shed the live virus are free to move about in public places.

          ALL of those groups of people are capable of contracting and spreading the illness. In fact, according to Rockland health department’s own statistics, fewer than half of those who have contracted the illness are even within *range* to be fully vaccinated. (Many are very young, or over 18.)

          And no, despite your fabulous Wikipedia-quoting skills, one or two out of every 1,000 children who become infected with measles will not die (at least not in this country). According to the CDC’s own statistics, an estimated 3-4 million people per year got measles in the U.S. in the 60’s, and 400-500 died. That isn’t “no big deal,” but it isn’t 1-2 in 1,000; it’s closer to 1 in 10,000. Which is roughly the same as your chances of dying in a motor vehicle accident this year.

          For consistency’s sake, then, no one freaking out about how deadly measles is in the U.S. should ever drive or ride in a motor vehicle, or go near roadways.

          • I’m STRONGLY in favor of people staying home when they’re SICK. (e.g. lady hacking at Applebee’s.) But that’s not what’s at issue here.

          • A thirty-day power play with the insidious objective to impel people to get a vaccine so they can go to public places?

            You might be right, but you might be wrong. I don’t doubt the depths to which government abuse and corporate intrigue can go.

            My point is quarantining is a VERY smart practice…even to the degree that is has more weight, in my book, than saying there should be no quarantining.

            The Black Death entered Europe because existing quarantine laws were IGNORED. They had quarantine laws in southern France and ships from Turkey had to stay in the harbor for three weeks, covering the incubation period of Black Death, before they could come into town. But the town merchants wanted the goods so bad they got the magistrate to waive the Quarantine and along with the goods Europe got the Black Death.

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