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Montana Legislation To Fight American Prairie Reserve

The hearing on HJ28 will be tomorrow March 21st 2019 in room 335 @ 3:00PM

American Prairie Reserve

Montana Introduces Legislation To Fight
American Prairie Reserve

By Tim Ravndal

Montana, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming are facing what many are calling a regulatory taking of property.  The “American Prairie Reserve” is expanding and the control of public land, and is being negotiated in political debates across America.

The push by multiple environmental organizations to expand the American Prairie Reserve is to provide for wide open space for buffalo and other wildlife to roam free.

The need for open space to accommodate expansion is known to trigger regulatory takings of private property.  The private property rights of the people conflict with animal rights activists on a mission.

Dan Bartel (R) HD 29

The expansion of the American Prairie Reserve is now before the Montana Legislature.  House Joint Resolution 28 has been brought forward stop the expansion of the preserve by Representative Dan Bartel HD29

The resolution urges the Bureau of Land Management to deny a vast grazing permit application submitted by the American Prairie Reserve.

The  grazing permit application is being sought by “Land of Legacy Campaign” based in Bozeman Montana.  Private property owners have been bought out in the past for expansion of the preserve.  In addition to the Missouri River Breaks Monument, many sections of public land have been taken out of traditional use.

“Thousands of head of cattle and the economic activity that they provide for the area have been displaced by the APR…impacting main street businesses and decreasing the local tax base to create a wild free-roaming buffalo herd which will impact private property rights.”  See full resolution for full details.

Those sponsoring the resolution and many private landowners across the West are working hard to preserve the ability to work and live here.  It is stated in the resolution; “that the denial of the APR grazing proposal would protect Montana farmers, ranchers, and communities. That the BLM should deny the APR bison grazing proposal. That the Secretary of State send a copy of this resolution to the United States Congress, the Department of the Interior, and the Bureau of Land Management.”

Joshua Kassmier (R) HD 27

The hearing on HJ28 will be tomorrow March 21st 2019 in room 335 @ 3:00PM by the Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation Committee. Everyone that wants to help preserve private property rights are urged to have their voices heard.

In addition to HJ28, it is important to take action at the local level when confronted with issues that impact the rights of the people.

HB332 introduced by Representative Joshua Kassmier brought forward a need to empower local government the authority to require their approval before providing for free roaming buffalo.

The bill is cosponsored by multiple representatives.  HB332 passed the house along party lines and will be heard in the Senate Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation committee on the 26th of March.  The hearing is scheduled for 3:00PM in room 303 at the Montana Capitol.


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