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LPOSD March Levy Makes No Sense

Please Vote No on March 12

A March Levy Makes No Sense

LPOSD March Levy Makes No Sense

Why does LPOSD holds its supplemental levy vote in March when it’s the only thing on the ballot, while numerous other taxing districts in the county hold their votes in May?

LPOSD says that it must be in March because teacher salary negotiations are in May, and a May levy would conflict with the negotiations timetable. So union negotiations dictate the levy vote date which, by the way, is costing Bonner County taxpayers over $60,000 as a stand-alone levy? LPOSD’s budget does not pay for it.

By law, LPOSD has the option of running levies in March, May, August, and November. If the March levy failed, they would be able run it again in May, and hopefully at a more reasonable amount, as happened in West Bonner County School District in Priest River not too long ago. The sky did not fall.

Secondly, a March levy makes no sense because the Idaho Legislature is still in session, and the amount it will send to the school has not yet been determined. The legislative session ends in late March. Yet LPOSD sets its levy amount the previous December, always with the “prudent” worst-case scenario assumption of not getting their Christmas Wish List. This year the new Governor said in his State of the State address that education Is his highest priority, so the already generous funding of the past four years can be expected.

LPOSD willfully ignores the sensible way to come up with a levy amount. Only We, the People, can stop it with a No vote.

Chris Anderson


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