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LPOSD’s Vague Levy Ballot Language

Please Vote No on March 12

LPOSD Vague Levy Ballot Language

LPOSD’s Vague Levy Ballot Language

You may have noticed that on this supplemental-levy ballot none of the spending categories show dollar amounts, contrary to the previous levy.

$25.4 million of taxpayer funds for the next two years, to be handed over to LPOSD without any indication as to how much is going to be spent on any of these eight items.  This carte blanche approach is explained by the superintendent as providing the district with “some flexibility”.

How convenient to demand millions of dollars without spending restrictions or accountability! The categories listed are general, vague enough to cover pretty much whatever the district wants, but as always, they will be described as “essential” if anybody asks.

Here’s what we know from some of the superintendent’s statements:

·         He wants to spend the bulk on salaries.
·         He wants more staff, despite lackluster enrollment.
·         “Student Wellness and Support” sounds like the category under which he’ll justify “school based mental health clinics” (plural) and “elementary school counselors” (plural).  He did say at one school board meeting that, ultimately, he wants a counselor at every school building.

Pro-levy voices vocally support all of this, endlessly repeating LPOSD’s talking points, and many of their names can be found on LPOSD’s payroll roster.

Cooler heads question why a district of barely 3,800 students needs this and object to the superintendent trying to turn LPOSD into a Washington state type school district like the one he came from.

Please vote No on this levy.

Anita Perry


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