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LPOSD Levy: Low Voter Turnout Is In Their Favor

Please Vote No on March 12

LPOSD Levy: Low Voter Turnout Is In Their Favor

LPOSD Levy: Low Voter Turnout Is In Their Favor

The March 12th election is just around the corner. In local elections, every vote counts. You vote is not meaningless, it is vitally important.

Past supplemental levies have slowly and persistently increased, but this time the school district wants to raise their levy 49%. Most of this is going to fund staff raises and in turn a pension burden that will become unsustainable.

The school district has been unusually quiet about this levy, limited public presentations and advertisements. They know that low voter turnout is in their favor. They want this one to pass quietly under the radar, as they plan to ask for an additional $39 million ASAP.

Don’t fall for the hype and intimidation. The public charter schools operate without levies, yet the students receive a good education. If this 49% levy increase passes, the cost to educate an LPOSD K-12 student will surpass college tuition.

Ask yourself if you want to continue down the road to become another California. Have increased staff salaries actually helped our students receive a better education? How long do we allow this to go on? How much is enough?

Enough is enough. Stop feeding the creature that thrives by devouring us. If you don’t vote, your silence is consent for the school staff to give themselves a raise by taking more of your property. Your vote against this tax increase is a vote for fiscal responsibility.

Kathy Rose


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