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Idaho HB 203 Concealed Carry in Schools

The Bill is currently in the State Affairs committee.

Idaho HB 203 Concealed Carry in Schools

Idaho HB 203 Concealed Carry in Schools

by Rocky Ferrenburg

I come in support of HB 203. This is legislation purposed that would allow for those who have concealed carry permits to carry firearms in public elementary and secondary schools. I think that it would be in our benefit to look at school shootings and the state laws in drawing a definitive conclusion around whether or not this bill is beneficial.

First I think that it is important to note that eight states allow those with concealed permits to carry in public schools. These states would be Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wyoming. What I find interesting is that only one state, Oregon, makes the list of the top 15 states that have more school shootings.

Lets compare that to the top 10 states with the most gun control. There is a four state overlap between states with the most gun control and states with the top school shootings. Strikingly, we see California at the top of both lists.

The statistics show that states with concealed carry on school grounds are four times less likely to show up on the top of a school shooting list than those with extreme gun control.

One interesting point was that Rhode Island showed up on the list of most gun controlled states and yet they have concealed carry on public schools. I also think that it is worth noting that California, Hawaii, and Kansas allow for school districts to decide if they want concealed carry in their schools.

The other point that I would like to make about HB 203 has to do with the Second Amendment. I think that many people get the premise of the Second Amendment wrong. While those that say that it is to have a well armed militia to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government, we have seen the lack of defense lead to our government repeatedly running roughshod over us. So while that may have been the Founders intentions, because it was fresh in their minds, the idea extends to the right to protect ourselves.

When we believe in self ownership and private property, then we also believe that we have a right to defend that property from government and individuals. This is where this bill comes in. We have a right to protect ourselves in public space and private. Many may argue that this is the time to crack down on guns, but I advocate for the opposite.

When we have people, kids and adults alike, coming after our children because they know that they will have the advantage of the firearm, and they can be relatively sure that the police will not interfere with their assault, we must be able to adequately defend ourselves and others. This bill is Constitutionally sound and will give more power back to the people. However, Leftists should still be okay with this bill since only those who go through the rigmarole of getting a concealed carry permit would be allowed to carry on school grounds.

The Bill is currently in the State Affairs committees hands. So if your Representative is on this committee, then be sure to call them and tell them to vote yes on the bill. Remember that it is important to follow how your representatives vote, and not to make excuses for any bad votes they cast.


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1 Comment on Idaho HB 203 Concealed Carry in Schools

  1. Thanks for your support for supporting our 2nd amendment, HB203….wow another milestone issue. I wonder how this bill is going to proceed thru the rest of the legislator? A few years ago, some of us firearms instructors spoke before the school board of Pocatello, and offered no charge firearms instruction for teachers. The look on the board’s faces were absolutely priceless. They shot us down….and they were not even armed. Then not too long ago, we proposed to be watchdogs, unarmed, on school grounds, as volunteers, just watchdogs. They shot us down again, and said the local police handle the situation very well. Volunteer’s watching our children! We wish our local sheriff was more pro 2nd amendment. He will speak out as he does not want guns on school property. There was an incident a year or so ago, at Arimo, and several parents showed up at the school armed, to protect children. Sheriff Neilson publicly spoke out against those parents! Also, there are no gun signs at the Drivers License bureau next to the Sheriff’s office.
    A couple of years ago, we were in Cody, WY. We witnessed more open carry in stores such as wally world, and downtown Cody. Very safe town! We were even allowed to carry concealed into the gun museum!
    Lets hope and pray, we the people are represented, and this bill passes!

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