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Will God Intervene To Save Our Nation?

We may be heading for a violent civil war resolution of the differences between the God fearing right, and the godless left.

Godly Will God Intervene To Save Our Nation?

Will God Intervene To Save Our Nation?

By Pete Ketcham

The present day rapidly deteriorating moral values of our nation have many Christians wondering how much influence God had in the founding of our nation, and more particular, did the bible believing founding Fathers invoke a covenant with God (beginning with the Mayflower Compact) to guide and protect the new nation.

If indeed they did, is it still in effect, or has the godless left leadership of this nation nullified that covenant? In the same context, did the christian community also help nullify that covenant by their complacency of failing to respond to the attack on the Christian faith by the 1960’s baby boomers who declared “God is Dead”, and “Free Love” was the future?

These preceding questions presents the issue of who is actually in charge of this nation’s future, us or God. The godless secular population simply believe there is no God, and the bible is just a mythical book of fiction, while the Christian population wonder if, or how much, God may intervene to help them save this constitutional nation.

As we look back through the recent decades (beginning in the 40’s), it is astounding to see how insane and degenerate our nation has now become. Back in those past decades It was unimaginable to believe that our nation could ever come to the depraved national status we now find ourselves in.

And unfortunately that status is going to get worse due to the power and influence the news media, academia, Hollywood, and the LGBT community can bring to bare against the christian community.

As I observe the accelerating decent of this nation’s culture into a godless perverted morass, I do believe we still have a covenant with God, but wonder if He may feel it is necessary to bring about a catastrophic event that will turn the nation back to Him.

God had used this procedure several times with His chosen covenanted nation of Israel when they had moved out from under His guidance and protection. We as a nation had experienced a catastrophic event in 1861-1865 when He allowed a devastating civil war to take place in our nation to end the continuing sin of slavery.

Today, I am convinced that we as a nation have now passed the “point of no return” to return this nation back to it’s founding constitutional Christian basis by conventional political means. The corruption and moral depravity within the Democrat controlled portion of our government is just simply too great to be defeated by votes alone.

I am concerned that we may be heading for a violent civil war resolution of the differences between the God fearing right, and the godless left.

As one who experienced the devastation of a civil War, President Lincoln was able to  put his trust in God to deal with the tragedy and violence of war. As I read the following quotes by Lincoln, I was amazed how they apply to our present situation, and was encouraged that Lincoln clearly acknowledged that “God Was In Charge” during a crisis that could have destroyed our nation.

March 4, 1861 First Inaugural Address
“ Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust, in the best way, all our present difficulty.”

October 24, 1863 Remarks to the Baltimore Presbyterian Synod
“Nevertheless, amid the greatest difficulties of my Administration, when I could not see any other resort, I would place my whole reliance on God, knowing that all would go well, and that He would decide for the right.”

September 4, 1864 Letter to Eliza Gurney
“ We hoped for a happy termination of this terrible war long before this; but God knows best, and has ruled otherwise. We shall yet acknowledge His wisdom and our own error therein.”

The purposes of the Almighty are perfect, and must prevail, though we erring mortals may fail to accurately perceive them in advance. We hoped for a happy termination of this terrible war long before this; but God knows best, and has ruled otherwise. We shall yet acknowledge His wisdom and our own error therein. Meanwhile we must work earnestly in the best light He gives us, trusting that so working still conduces to the great ends He ordains. Surely He intends some great good to follow this mighty convulsion, which no mortal could make, and no mortal could stay.”


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10 Comments on Will God Intervene To Save Our Nation?

  1. “What is the final straw that starts all this and who makes that decision?”

    It might be a good idea to learn from history.

    New Constitution Creates A National Government; Will Not Abate Foreign Influence; Dangers Of Civil War And Despotism, Maryland Gazette and Baltimore Advertiser, March 7, 1788.

    “Whether national government will be productive of internal peace, is too uncertain to admit of decided opinion. I only hazard a conjecture when I say, that our state disputes, in a confederacy, would be disputes of levity and passion, which would subside before injury. The people being free, government having no right to them, but they to government, they would separate and divide as interest or inclination prompted – as they do at this day, and always have done, in Switzerland. In a national government, unless cautiously and fortunately administered, the disputes will be the deep-rooted differences of interest, where part of the empire must be injured by the operation of general law; and then should the sword of government be once drawn (which Heaven avert) I fear it will not be sheathed, until we have waded through that series of desolation, which France, Spain, and the other great kingdoms of the world have suffered, in order to bring so many separate States into uniformity, of government and law; in which event the legislative power can only be entrusted to one man (as it is with them) who can have no local attachments, partial interests, or private views to gratify.”

    Many possible scenarios can lead toward the commencement of aggressive internal war for profit, something euphemistically called a Civil War.

    The current Dictator in power issues the orders required to confiscate all privately owned firearms.

    A number of state governments attempt to return the Dictatorship to rule of law, failing to do so those state governments attempt to secede.

    Missing the point however is the already demonstrated fact that the creation of a dictatorship (as was done in 1789) inevitably leads to various forms of internal conflict large and small.

  2. I’m trying to picture what a civil war would look like other than pure ugliness and total chaos. Is it a government overthrow? Is it a holocaust of liberals or would the liberals want one for conservatives? What is the final straw that starts all this and who makes that decision? Has the point of no return been reached? I enjoy reading Mr Ketchums articles and feel he is spot on and look forward to reading more. Now is it better to keep 30 rd clips empty so the springs don’t lose tension or keep them full for quick access?

  3. “Is it possible that you were born at this time in history by coincidence?”

    Yes, or no, depending upon the intended meaning of the word coincidence. I can measure a force called ectropy, which is nearly the opposite of entropy.

    “The overall increase in the organization of a system.”

    I can call that power to increase the organization of a system: God. I can do that, demonstrated now.

    “Is it possible that you were born at this time in history by coincidence?”

    No, it is not a coincidence, it is, in fact, a measurable consequence of the God power ectropy. I am here now because God (ectropy) put me here now.

    “Are you here right now in 2019 to just watch and listen?”

    No, I breathe, eat, think, act, and do what I can to perpetuate life, make life better, worth living, as I see fit as an individual, within my limited powers to do so.

    “OR to are YOU here to ACT?”

    I have a Jury notice in the mail at my desk. I will call on Monday, to represent my country, if possible. I ran for Congress of U.S.A. Inc. in 1996, an act that cost me a lot of time and energy while I worked 60 hours a week, hard labor while raising 2 children.

    “If you are one of the above who thinks this is all a random, godless wonder, don’t worry yourself about it all.”

    Worry is, perhaps, a sickness. Concern may be a cause to act expediently, efficiently, and purposefully so as to address the specific concern. If there is any wonder at all as to what is or is not God, then that concern can be addressed, or that can be something that causes worry.

  4. Is it possible that you were born at this time in history by coincidence? Are you here right now in 2019 to just watch and listen? OR to are YOU here to ACT?
    If you are one of the above who thinks this is all a random, godless wonder, don’t worry yourself about it all.

  5. Let’s get this straight. The Mayflower Compact was pure socialism. Plymouth Colony finally realized that to succeed they had to leave socialism behinf[d and leave it to the people to produce for their own gain, rather than the common store, that allowed it to succeed in a hostile land
    It was not God that made this country. It was made by those men who had a religious foundation. It was the belief in God, not God, that made this country.
    Those who expect God to intervene now are simply making an excuse to not act on their belief and faith.

  6. Will that “Terrible swift sword” descend upon us ? or is our Country capable of righting itself ? Certainly the venom and vitrol being spewed by the left is redolent of the vicious rhetoric spewed by the Inquistion – and there isn’t much doubt that, given the power, the Left would become another Savonarola. In another of his introspective moments, Lincoln wondered if the horrorific rivers of blood spilled in the war was the cost levied by god, tallied in human lives, to balance and wash away the blood and tears suffered by 200 years of bondage, the slaves…. God’s law vs Man’s law…Seen through the eyes of the Left/Dem/collectivists, certain parts of a society are identified as intractable obstacles – centers of power highly resistant to their control. Gun owners are one such force, and seen by them as a grassroots power in our hands, the Dems are working overtime to disarm us. Another obstacle to their Brave New World is Religious faith,and the believers who rely on a beneficent Higher Power. The Lib/Dems want to seize our culture, and become the higher power themselves ! This is no crackpot theory…rather, the attack on religion is straight out of the Communist/Facist playbook – Hitler and Stalin did exactly this..As a close associate of the Bundys, I have seen the most stirling example of faith in action – do what is right and trust in God. Anyone who has followed their saga, and their unlookedfor victories over the evil empire must admit to the intervention of a Divine Providence. If there is a cost demanded to cleanse the slate, we must be willing to pay it..Our reliance on God’s grace is our citadel…But HP doesn’t expect us to fight barehanded…I’m reminded of a hit song from WWII…Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition !

  7. “God helps those who help themselves”. I have heard that all my life and have experienced the truth of that saying. As one of the founding members of a local TEA Party group back in 2010, I also experienced the apathy of most citizens. “We are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more” was voiced loud and clear until you asked those same people to actually DO something like register voters, or walk a precinct and distribute information. All of a sudden they weren’t really all that mad as hell. Most wanted to put a few bucks in the donation can and let someone else do the real work. “A nation gets the government that it deserves” is another truism that I have experienced. If, We the People” are not willing to get off the couch and actually get involved then we will get the government that we deserve. The left will do anything to further their agenda-lie, cheat, steal, slander, anything. We don’t need to stoop to their lows, but we do need to get actively involved in electing the government representatives that we want in office to protect our rights and liberties.

    • If “we” want to enslave people all we need to do is claim that God made us do it. Slaves are, after all, not Christians.

      Now that “we” have this God excuse to help massage our egos, “we” can then blame God for the Civil Wars that “we” cause by our criminal actions that subsidize our “need” for institutionalized slavery.

      “We” do this even though “we” were clearly warned about how subsidized slavery (a.k.a. despotism) under the color of law leads to pogroms that “we” will call a “Civil” War. But those warnings can be safely ignored, forgotten, and not heard while the same cycle of institutionalized violence caused by “us” with our blood-soaked hands perpetuates indefinitely, because all “we” have to do is, once again, blame “our” false God, and teach our children the same lies.

      So how is that any different than this so-called left (Criminal Marxist/Leninists) when they blame the State for all the violence they cause when they make slaves out of everyone including themselves? God is a corporation, a legal fiction?

      “Most wanted to put a few bucks in the donation can and let someone else do the real work.”
      “We don’t need to stoop to their lows, but we do need to get actively involved in electing the government representatives that we want in office to protect our rights and liberties.”

      If people create a corporate Monster, a false God, to “protect our rights and liberties,” that corporate Monster will be employed by the most powerfully evil people, as a demonstrable rule of nature, a rule of nature as powerful as gravity, and those evil people will “protect our rights and liberties” in name only, as RINOS, or Marxists claiming to be “progressive,” or Aristocrats, Elite, or whatever false name works to keep the slaves firmly set on the hamster wheel.

      “We don’t need to stoop to their lows, but we do need to get actively involved in electing the government representatives that we want in office to protect our rights and liberties.”

      If the “government” is actually institutionalized, subsidized, slavery, run by “government representatives,” then those who “you” send to run it will be corrupted absolutely. That is proven in all but a very few cases, such as Ron Paul. If you claim that it, this form of organized crime (subsidized slavery under the color of law), is necessary for any reason: because God said so, or because The State says so in so many words on paper or stone, then “your” excuse evaporates rapidly under closer scrutiny. That is the nature of deception, it is fragile in the light of truth.

      “They proved their effectiveness during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods in helping the colonists resist imperial interference. They provided a similar source of strength against outside pressure in the territories of the western United States, in the subject South following the Civil War, and in Mormon Utah. They frequently proved the only effective weapon against organized crime, malfeasance in office, and corruption in high places.” The People’s Panel, The Grand Jury in the United States, 1634 – 1941 by Richard D. Younger

      It is easy to spot those few people who actually do something effective to fight against criminal governments, they are routinely murdered by criminals running criminal governments. Those who are actually doing something are those who are murdered in cold blood by the same “government” that is claimed to be a God-given “government.” What does that say about that two-faced God? Do as I say, not as I do, nothing up my sleeve?

      People like Martin Luther King Jr., and more recently Lavoy Finicum, are merely informing people about very specific crimes perpetrated in the name of “the people” (res-publica), and they are murdered in cold blood. Those people are doing the work that ought to be done by Grand Juries.

      What due process is owed to the victims in those cases where “the government” murders those innocent people, assuming that the law of the land is true and not demonstrably false? What more proof do you need that the law of the land left, the Grand Jurors are hiding under their desks?

      A group of murderers murder thousands of people on September 11, 2001, and there is no Grand Jury investigation, and there is no trial to hold the perpetrators to account for those murders. Instead 2 countries (places full of people), having no connection to the murders, are targets of aggressive war for profit: Oil in Iraq, and Opium in Afghanistan, and that is the “government” God gave you? That is your version of rule of law?

      The family of Martin Luther King Jr. insisted upon a trial in that case, and the “government” that murdered that innocent man stonewalled, but a trial was allowed to follow through, and the representatives of the whole people, the jury, in that case, determined that the “government” was guilty of murder in that case. The actual murderers got away with it, probably under their golden parachutes.

      What do you people actually expect to happen when the criminals take-over a government, as was done in 1789, when those criminals actually got away with Institutionalized, Subsidized, Slavery Nation Wide?

      God made you think that it was legit? Your “Founding Fathers” had to do it, to save us, they said it was necessary, and you believed them, or your parents believed them?

      “For the most trifling reasons, and sometimes for no conceivable reason at all, his majesty has rejected laws of the most salutary tendency. The abolition of domestic slavery is the great object of desire in those colonies, where it was unhappily introduced in their infant state. But previous to the enfranchisement of the slaves we have, it is necessary to exclude all further importations from Africa; yet our repeated attempts to effect this by prohibitions, and by imposing duties which might amount to a prohibition, have been hitherto defeated by his majesty’s negative: Thus preferring the immediate advantages of a few African corsairs to the lasting interests of the American states, and to the rights of human nature, deeply wounded by this infamous practice. Nay, the single interposition of an interested individual against a law was scarcely ever known to fail of success, though in the opposite scale were placed the interests of a whole country. That this is so shameful an abuse of a power trusted with his majesty for other purposes, as if not reformed, would call for some legal restrictions. . . ” Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of the Rights of British America, August 1745

      A God (Satan) will exact revenge in due time, not for sins, but for willful, purposeful, injuries done to the innocent, by the guilty, done with malice aforethought. That is the nature of humanity, nature explained well enough in scripture.

      The Golden Rule is the law of cause and effect, explained so eloquently, with so few words, saying so much, offering so much useful information, in a sound-bite. The bright side of things.

      There is a dark side too.

      “8 Hear, my son, your father’s instruction And do not forsake your mother’s teaching; 9 Indeed, they are a graceful wreath to your head And ornaments about your neck. 10 My son, if sinners entice you, Do not consent. 11 If they say, “Come with us, Let us lie in wait for blood, Let us ambush the innocent without cause ; 12 Let us swallow them alive like Sheol, Even whole, as those who go down to the pit ; 13 We will find all kinds of precious wealth, We will fill our houses with spoil; 14 Throw in your lot with us, We shall all have one purse,” 15 My son, do not walk in the way with them. Keep your feet from their path, 16 For their feet run to evil And they hasten to shed blood. 17 Indeed, it is useless to spread the baited net In the sight of any bird; 18 But they lie in wait for their own blood; They ambush their own lives. 19 So are the ways of everyone who gains by violence; It takes away the life of its possessors.”

      “A nation gets the government that it deserves”

      If it were a federation of states, then a “nation” would be California, or Nevada, or New Jersey, not U.S.A. Inc. Legal fictions did not make anyone hide under their desk, or believe these lies, or murder so many innocent people after torturing them for centuries.

  8. As in the days of Noah, I believe that God will intervene. Ezekiel 38 & 39 depicts a cleansing of a nation (The HOUSE of Israel aka America, NOT the Jewish State of Israel in the middle east aka the House of Judah) It’s explained well, in the book “In Defense of a Nation” by Stanley Grant.

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