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FBI Agents Calling on Patriots – JJS Urges Rule of Law


Episode 19-11 FBI Agents Calling on Patriots – JJS Urges Rule of Law


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2 Comments on FBI Agents Calling on Patriots – JJS Urges Rule of Law

  1. They are of no honor or character. All alphabet agencies are merely franchises of the Territorial( Brittish Crown ) or the Municipal( Roman Catholic Church/Vatican) lackeys and have no buisness or jurisdiction with the land and people of the United States of America unincorporated which is who and what we are .

  2. To the FBI, you are full of ****. I told you in 1998 that the players in the Iran/Contra affair centered around Bush family, members of the skull and bones and members of the Carlyle Group were going to execute an American Reichstag event once Bush was installed into the Whitehouse. You not only didn’t listen but Mueller and other FBI agents helped cover it up. Now the Special Grand Jury has been convened and guess who’s names have been submitted? Exactly those connected to Carlyle group and the Bushes that I warned you about. We already know who did it and we knew before they did it, we told you and many of you worked to cover it up. You are law violators NOT patriots, you are the bad guys. You focus on claiming “sovereign citizens” are domestic terrorists while you train, fund and protect terrorists and actively commit terrorism on Americans. If you were truly patriots then every judge, prosecutor and corrupt “law” enforcement agent and politician in America would already be sitting in prison, administrative courts and statutes would not even be contemplated to be applicable to those who do not work for the government and there would be no such thing as victimless crimes, drug war, a private bank’s mathematically guaranteed to fail debt note as tender or any other activity or land acquisition by government not explicitly Constitutionally authorized. You are totally lawless, you are the bad guys and all one has to do is observe the facts of history to see your lawlessness. The very founding and establishment of your organization was built to violate the law in order to spy on, extort and frame people who would be a threat to the psychopaths’ agenda to enslave us.

    The FBI are the bad guys. The Sovereign people who reject all application statutory codes to those who don’t work for the government are the good guys.

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