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Woodward Steamrolls LPOSD And BGH Taxpayers

Woodward is, by all measures, a progressive liberal and a champion of growing the cost of government.

Woodward Steamrolls LPOSD And BGH Taxpayers

Woodward Steamrolls LPOSD And BGH Taxpayers

You will have to look long and wide to find a tax that Shawn Woodward does not approve of.

Woodward is the “CEO” of one of the three largest employers in the county, the Lake Pend Oreille School District, with a claimed employment of 500 to 900. The wide disparity between employee numbers is the result of embellishment to gain levy funding, but State Department of Education annual data consistently place LPOSD’s employee numbers around 550.

During his tenure, the biennial supplemental levy increased from $15.7M in 2015 to $17M in 2017 and now, in 2019, to $25.4M. Simultaneously, LPOSD’s biennial budget grew from $31M to $32.8M to $34.9M.

Note that during this time frame the budget increase was $3.3M, yet local funding, plus 7% increases in state funding and career-ladder teacher salary funding show an increase of $9.7M and a very disproportionate amount in this biennial levy.

Wearing his hat as a Bonner General Hospital District Trustee, Woodward has voted an annual 3% increase to support public tax funding of BGH, Inc., which the Attorney General’s Office in a written opinion last October, found to be illegal. This increased funding of BGH, Inc., has contributed to the annual profits of the “non-profit” hospital averaging $981,000 over the past three years.

Woodward is, by all measures, a progressive liberal and a champion of growing the cost of government. He seems to have relinquished any grasp of the plight of less privileged families who send their children to his government schools and the hospital while struggling with the tax burden he places on them.

Louis Perry


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  1. I wish you all could investigate District 271 in CDA. They are requesting a 2 million dollar levy March 12th. This is for one year!

  2. People I hate to burst any bubbles but the hospitals and doctors in general are NOT any solution to health. Quite the opposite. Do your own thing and stay healthy rather easily. Also no pharma or vaccines just for starters.

    I am living proof !

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