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Washington State County Ordinances Against Gun Control

Many groups in Washington state have taken the lead in heading up their own “Redress of Grievances” with Commissioners in every county in Washington state.

Washington State County Ordinances Against Gun Control

Washington State County Ordinances
Against Gun Control

By: Anna May Rainier

The idea of sanctuary counties is not a new idea. Oregon and Illinois have started creating sanctuary counties and cities for gun rights within their states, taking the principal from the very Democrats and liberals in office. The original idea came from cities and counties wanting sanctuary counties for illegal immigrants.

Considering massive, recent legislation for gun control, many groups in Washington state have taken the lead in heading up their own “Redress of Grievances” with Commissioners in every county in Washington state.

Heading up this presentation of legislation is Matt Marshall, Washington State 3%, and Joey Gibson, Patriot Prayer. Along with them have been many participants who are petitioning these counties for their right under the Washington state Constitution, article 1, section 24, which states “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired”.

These events are held to urge elected officials to sign ordinances that prohibit those who are in legislature or officials to use their power or public funds to “enforce unconstitutional laws”. They are also reminding those officials and legislators that they took an oath to uphold the constitution of Washington State and the constitution of the United States of America, both having wordage of the right to keep and bear arms.

Notably, at the event in Pierce County, there were many people opposing the introduction of the legislation being presented. One such person, a manager of none other than Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, took to calling these groups (and the others participating in the event) “white supremist groups”.

She even went as far as posting on her personal Twitter and Facebook that “It’s a tool for recruiting for white supremacy hate groups: You scare people into thinking someone wants to take away guns and rights, then hold yourself out as their savior.” What she didn’t count on is many people representing these “white supremist, hate groups” were of ethnicity other than white.

The Whidbey Island event went very well without many protestors. One of the speakers, Aryeh Rohde, a 17-year-old senior at South Whidbey High School, is one of the youngest members of Washington 3%.

With the passage of Initiative 1639, once he turns 18, he will not be able to use his right to keep and bear arms promised to him in the Washington state constitution. Under RCW 26.28.010 the age of adulthood is eighteen years. He says he participates at these events to educate those on gun rights and states, “I-1639 is horrible, how could you justify the restriction of self defense to our young adults?”

After the passing of I-1639 in November, a convoluted, 33 page, hard to decipher initiative, and beginning with the legislative session in January, Washington state has had a rash of unconstitutional bills being presented.

Matt Marshall of Washington 3% states, “we have an attorney General, Supreme Court, and Governor in Washington that have no interest in preserving our rights. This Sanctuary Ordinance is really just a way for ‘We the People’ to ensure the Constitution remains in effect as the Supreme law of the land.”

Regarding his personal interest in these Ordinances he is quoted as saying, “I am a Washington native and love this state. All of my efforts here are to try to prevent Californication of our beautiful state.”

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1 Comment on Washington State County Ordinances Against Gun Control

  1. As each state entered the union, the Bill of Rights was on the table.
    Therefore the Bill of Rights is before and superior to subsequent laws, ordinances, regulations, State Constitutions and licensing schemes. The Bill of Rights presents a limit on State Legislative powers.
    Thus, all restrictive arms laws are null and void.
    Our government would change overnight if the penalty for violating the oath of office was hanging by the neck until dead.

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