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The Unbelievably High March 12 Supplemental Levy

Please Vote No on March 12

The Unbelievably High March 12 Supplemental Levy

In January, LPOSD submitted its ballot language for the $25.4 million supplemental levy to the Bonner County Elections Office.  The levy asks for $12.7 million a year for the next two years. This is the levy on which you’ll be asked to vote March 12.

The ballot, however, had to be held before going to the printer because of a major error: the annual levy amount was listed as $12,700,000,000.  Yes, $12.7 billion. 

This is not the first time LPOSD’s Chief Financial Officer has had a problem with sloppy levy numbers.  In 2016, the LPOSD $55 million facilities levy resolution had a percentage error, and the LPOSD $55 million levy brochure had multiple errors in the projected tax increase (listed as lower than true).

At $12,037 per month, CFO Hals makes a salary that vastly tops that of Idaho’s State Controller, who manages the finances for the entire state, as opposed to Hals, who oversees a single school district budget.  She is also among those LPOSD administrators who are the recipients of tens of thousands in annual bonuses for meeting performance goals which the public is not allowed to know.  

Her salary and that of other highly paid LPOSD administrators are what is driving up budget and levy amounts, and we are definitely not getting what we’re paying for.

Please say No to the unbelievably high March 12 supplemental levy.  Also google for more levy information.

David Banning
Clark Fork


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1 Comment on The Unbelievably High March 12 Supplemental Levy

  1. Very simple, fire her for gross negligence and gross incompetence, pass petitions that will be laughed at and all go home and complain that your voice doesnt matter….because it doesnt. You all have agreed to be subjects of your employees.
    Change your ” political status ” to Idahoans, American Nationals and govern yourselves. Throw off the federal bureaucracy that is masquerading as your government and take charge. No federal tax, no property tax…they only tax you because you volunteered to ” gift” them. It was semantic deciet and fraud on a global scale.

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