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Pontius Pilate is at it again!

Vote Against the Levy March 12th as well as the Permanent Levy!

HJR5 Proposition 2 pilate

Pontius Pilate is at it again!


Did Pontius Pilate truly wash himself clean of guilt for Christ’s brutal death? This is an important question as we watch our school board shout the 1st and 9th amendment for our students having a sanctioned discussion group on Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queers with no oversite or parent permission form.

One of the trustees stated that if the Bible was a movie it would be x rated. So watching it would be similar to legally being able to have sex at 16 years of age. He does not mention the clear message of guidance for right and wrong that is in the Bible and the punishment one receives for evil works. Does that wash the school boards guilt away for allowing sanctioned discussion of Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queers with no oversite or parent permission forms? And there is no guilt because it was only one of ten discussions.

The same trustee said that the Idaho Statute, that governs schools, and charges the board of trustees to supervise extracurricular activities of our public schools, does not give an individual trustee this authority. So are they supposed to decide all together any time they “supervise”? That makes no sense! Does he really think we are that dense? It is integral to the power of a trustee to oversee the schools. Since they are who run our schools, we better get this right. Thank goodness trustee Rick Hall took his job seriously and attempted oversite of this controversial club.

Remember, we are a Republic, where the individual trustees represent the rights of their constituents. We need to be able to communicate our viewpoint to them and have them respond. Keeping track of this correspondence and reporting it may be needed. But, our school board interprets “open meeting laws” as citizens not being able to email or discuss issues with the individual trustees. Who is interpreting this law to our school board? They are in dire need of help! Please call our superintendent and assert our rights. Paul Anselmo 208-448-4439. (School Board Office)

We need to hold our officials accountable for fair and practical laws that we all understand. And by the way, elections have consequences. Vote Against the Levy March 12th as well as the Permanent Levy!

Maureen Paterson

Priest River, ID


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