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An Open Letter to Representative Priscilla Giddings

HB127, will this turn the counties into great big cities?

Representative Giddings Faces Kangaroo Tax Commission Hearing

An Open Letter to Representative Priscilla Giddings

Dear Representative Giddings,

I would like to acknowledge your thoughtful representation of my county. While you represent just a sliver of Bonner County, I believe it is vital for you to know exactly how your vote in support of HB127 will effect your constituents, should it become law.

On the surface it appears that you are advocating for more freedom for counties, but unfortunately I do not believe it will turn out that way. In a nutshell, HB127 is a Trojan Horse for Realtor/Developers, which threatens the agricultural lands in our State and ultimately the liberty minded constituents who put you into office.

In order to flourish you need agriculture, mining and manufacturing. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When agriculture is displaced by development, an entire cascade of events occurs.

Our Founding Fathers put together an intricate web of checks and balances so changes in our government would not happen on a fast tract. This is why there has been an extensive system in place to protect land use for many years. If we give County Commissioners the sole ability to do away with Comp Plans, at least two layers of checks and balances will be eliminated.

The most important part of this system is the people who live and work in their subareas. For instance, I have chosen to live the rural lifestyle without all the city amenities. My neighbors and I pay for all our own infrastructure. If the developers get their way, I will not only loose my rural way of life, but I will be footing the bill for all the infrastructure that is needed to accommodate the developments. Thus the counties will turn into great big cities.

Finally, when developments replace agriculture you will be faced with a whole new constituency. That constituency will want more city services and not be schooled in the habit of self-government.

I left California to be part of the liberty minded people of Idaho.
Please vote “NO” on HB127.

Thank you!
Diane Wheeler

P.S. Thank you for voting in favor of HB25, which protects rural landowners from forced annexation in the areas of city impacts (A.C.I). A.C.I.’s are a threat to agriculture!

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3 Comments on An Open Letter to Representative Priscilla Giddings

  1. HB127 would allow counties to opt out of the planning process. They can still do it. The bill would give counties the option. If the citizens of Bonner County want planning then they should ask their Commissioners to follow through, and if they don’t they can elect new ones. What is wrong with giving counties the option?

  2. I stand in opposition to HB127 for two reasons. I love my rural life style and I don’t want my voice to be snuffed out. Your message fails to address these two issues.

    Your concerns are very valid, but you have missed the mark. The elites and California developers have changed up their tactics and the Agenda 21 booklets are already obsolete. The goal has changed. It is much easier to incorporate rural Americans by enforcing mandatory development round about them, than it is to make them move to the big city. It is called bringing the city to us.

    My message is very simple. We should value and protect the smaller farms around us. The alternative is to be dependent on the elites and lovers of Monsanto to provide us with the necessities of life. I happen to think that this would be a great folly. Thank you for listening!

  3. Comprehensive Planning was “suggested” by the UN. It slipped into Idaho Code in 1975 and has gradually exerted more and more control over land use. It is an expensive and detailed assessment of every aspect of population and land use. Once the data is published, the progressive Agenda 21 specialists can better determine where to exert pressure/requirements to force populations conform to global design. For every perceived benefit of zoning and planning, there are far reaching disadvantages! Eyes open, pay attention to goals of the program. Yes, on HB 25 –straight forward, transparent legislation. And yes on FB125 to allow local decisions about land use.

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