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Montana Legislature Advances LGBTQ Agenda

HB465 has a total of 13 pages changing an additional 8 laws in Montana.

Montana Legislature Advances LGBTQ Agenda

Montana Legislature Advances LGBTQ Agenda

By Tim Ravndal

Here in America it appears that the call to common sense has been put on hold. Under Montana law and the Constitution, the rights of the individual are already supposed to be honored.

Every two years there are efforts to expand certain rights.  Discrimination certainly has taken front stage at the 66th Montana Legislature with certain elected officials beating a drum against discrimination.

Montana Representative Kim Abbott from Helena Montana is the sponsor of HB465.  Section 1 of the bill changes 49-1-102MCA that covers definitions that will include gender identity or expression, sexual orientation.

Rep. KIM ABBOTT (D) – HD83 (406) 439-8721

“The right to be free from discrimination…is recognized as and declared to be a civil right.”

“Gender identity or expression” means gender-related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual, regardless of the individual’s assigned sex at birth.

“Sexual orientation” means an individual’s actual or perceived romantic or sexual attraction to people of the same or different gender.” 

The new law takes one more step by adding gender identity or expression and sexual orientation to other existing laws.

49-2-303MCA. prohibits discrimination in employment.  The new law will advance the LGBTQ agenda into the job market.

49-2-304MCA. Discrimination in public accommodations.  The law again will reach into public facilities including rest room accommodations.

49-2-305MCA. Discrimination in housing.  The law will change with passage of the bill and may bring renters and business owners into a legal challenge.

49-2-306MCA. Discrimination in financing and credit transactionsThe legislation will reach into the financial sector of society.

49-2-307MCA. Discrimination in education.  The legislation will reach into the school system bringing challenges to both students and teachers.

49-2-308MCA. Discrimination by the state.  The legislation will advance the agenda in all state departments putting additional restraints on the people.

49-2-404MCA. will change the concept of the lavatory, bathing, or dressing facilities based on the distinction of sex.  The law will now include individuals based on their gender identity.  Here in Montana the boys claim they know which bathroom to use and the girls are happy and comfortable knowing this to be true.

HB465 has a total of 13 pages changing an additional 8 laws in Montana.  Citizens we spoke to believe the legislation may equate to  financial and social impacts to each and every community across Montana.

Non-government organizations that are financing the LGBTQ agenda often do not surface for recognition until the legislation is heard.  The Montana Legislature has seen this same agenda come to the floor the past 3 legislative sessions.

Multiple Montana Representatives agree that the legislation, if passed, will render the rights of the individual moot.

So…we ask why would Representative Abbott sponsor a potentially threatening piece of legislation that may cause harm to the people of Montana?  Take a look at HB465 and make the call for yourself.

HB465 will be heard in committee on Friday February 22, 2019 in the House Judiciary Committee at 8:00AM.

Majority of the people we talked to on this legislation clearly show a foundational fear that the rights of the people will be lost.  Many citizens of Montana are planning to attend the hearing to oppose this legislation and have their voices heard.

If you cannot attend the hearing and would like to be heard, here is your chance.  Many plan to let the members of the committee know that they have figured out a long time ago their gender identity.

Contact the House Judiciary Committee to be heard on HB465 before Friday @ 8:00AM


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  1. If they pass this, then every person who identifies as something…be it a unicorn, dog, ogre, mickey mouse, maybe a vampire or anything else, will demand equal rights also. As far as sexual orientation goes…why would any one tell what their sex preferences are when renting a house. I guess that isn’t personal anymore. What about those who do not want any sex and don’t want to be married…why are they penalized, like on tax breaks. This would just make a lot more problems in many ways. Opening pandora’s box.

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