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LPOSD’s Dire Predictions If Levy Does Not Pass

Please Vote No on March 12

LPOSD’s Dire Predictions If Levy Does Not Pass

LPOSD’s Dire Predictions If Levy Does Not Pass

LPOSD’s dire prediction for what will happen if their upcoming supplemental levy doesn’t pass looks a lot like the scenario from 2017, 2015, 2013, and every other year before that. You could pretty much call it a copy-and-paste job.

A third of the staff will be laid off! Fewer schools! No more extracurricular activities! Families will leave! The economy will suffer! Etc, etc.

A couple of years ago the school board chair, when asked about all these gloomy predictions, categorically stated, “There just is no Plan B if the levy fails”.

So why would a district with a $35 million budget and some of the highest-paid administrators in the state (the Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer make vastly more than the Governor and the State Controller) operate without a Plan B? Incompetence? Or reluctance to reveal that actually a built-in Plan B is available?

Because they do have the option of reworking the numbers and running another levy as early as May. Plenty of time to come up with an amount more palatable to the public while operating under the existing budget which doesn’t end until July. So no layoffs or need for other threats.

And a belt-tightening effort would go a long way toward showing the public that we’re not just the perennial money tree for ever-higher salaries, bonuses, benefits, more employees and new programs.

There’s an informative website,, that will make you realize that this levy deserves a resounding No vote on March 12.

Carol Snyder


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1 Comment on LPOSD’s Dire Predictions If Levy Does Not Pass

  1. Didn’t get to vote on the 2013 levy but have heard the same dire predictions on the rest. Heard the same kind of predictions on levies in the school district that we moved from when we came to Bonner county and the levies still failed and the schools remained open and functional. It is also interesting that paragraph 2 of the last levy, earmarked for extracurricular activities, stated that part of the funds would be used to finish the fiber optic project that was voted for in the previous levy. I think it is time to consider replacing a couple of people with some one that is more fiscally responsible with taxpayer funds.

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