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LPOSD To Hit Us With TWO Levies

Send them a message by voting No. The levy vote is on March 12th.

LPOSD To Hit Us With TWO Levies

LPOSD To Hit Us With TWO Levies

Janice Gore’s recent letters to the editor of the Daily Bee provide a window into what many of us felt when we heard that the Lake Pend Oreille School District is going for yet another outrageously high supplemental levy.

This time it’s $25.4 million, 49% higher than the one in 2017.  And as usual, 84% goes to salaries, many of which are way beyond the median income of our city and county.

Kudos to Mrs. Gore for taking the time to call the school board chair, Cary Kelly, to let him know how she feels about this; more people should do that.  But adding insult to injury, he actually hung up on her.

I don’t know Mrs. Gore, but she mentioned that she’s a disabled woman with a retired husband living on a limited income, so I could immediately relate to her situation.  As a retiree with a disabled husband, living on a fixed income, we have been watching these constant levies eating away at our income like clockwork every two years, and there is no sign of let-up.

In fact, as I’m writing this letter, LPOSD is already working on another levy, for facilities, to the tune of about $40 million that we’ll be hit with, probably later this year.

That will make a total of $65 million in levies coming at you in the near future.
Have they no shame?

Send them a message by voting No.  The levy vote is on March 12th.

Kathy Beard


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