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LPOSD Record-High Supplemental Levy

Please Vote No on March 12

LPOSD Record-High Supplemental Levy

LPOSD Record-High Supplemental Levy

Once again LPOSD is running a record-high supplemental levy on March 12th.  This one is for $25.4 million – $8.4 million higher than the one two years ago.  That’s a whopping 49% increase. Has your income increased 49% in the last two years? Probably not.

The school district always says they need it because the state doesn’t give them 100% funding, and it’s up to us taxpayers to cough up a “supplement” in form of a levy that adds up to a third of their budget.

“Need” is a term used by many when they really mean “want”.   And that would apply to LPOSD.

It routinely spends the bulk of its budget, about 84%, on salaries. This time, staffing alone runs $21 million, for a district of about 3,800 students.  Staffing cost was the largest increase in the levy, according to the superintendent.  He wants LPOSD’s salaries and wages to be high enough to “ensure we are competitive.”  He cites some expensive salaries in Washington state but denies that he aspires to their level.  Then why mention them?

Also, he wants more staff due to enrollment increases.  But LPOSD’s enrollment increases happened mostly because of part-time homeschoolers, who attend as little as 2-1/2 hours a week.

We know that transparency has never been his forte.  For the facts that are based on real data, go to

And please vote No on this March 12 levy.

Glen Hopper


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