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LPOSD Levy Misleading Information

“It is very hard for an average wage earner to afford a home in our area.” ~Superintendent Woodward

LPOSD Levy Misleading Information

LPOSD Levy Misleading Information

You may have noticed the parade of school related stories in the forefront of the local newspaper over the past several weeks. Could it be promoting the upcoming $25,400,000 levy in March?

To clarify that, the school board has decided it wants to increase the levy amount by nearly 50%! What is the levy for? Mainly for staff and according to LPOSD November 27, 2018 minutes: “…into this levy we are also asking for a salary increase of approximately 13.2% for all certified and classified staff.”

Also in November, Superintendent Woodward explains in the minutes “It is very hard for an average wage earner to afford a home in our area.” According to LPOSD’s levy presentation, the average income in Bonner County is $3641/month. Based on the current 190 day contracts, certified personnel average $4120/month.

So it appears the public school wants to make it even harder for the average family to own a home in Bonner County, as to enslave them to government workers who already earn more than they do.

We have seen this many times before. Get ready for the sales pitch full of misleading information and deception. Get ready for the threats of closing schools, double shifting, and losing staff.

How much is enough? It seems to be never enough. Vote against this thievery March 12th.

Monique Hutchings
Sagle, ID


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