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Is Larry Klayman a Deep State Saboteur?

Could Klayman have deliberately sabotaged this case, as well as other cases he has been involved in?

Is Larry Klayman a Deep State Saboteur?
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Is Larry Klayman a Deep State Saboteur?

by Shari Dovale

Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, has been figuratively spanked several times by various courts around the country. He is known for his shenanigans in multiple high profile cases around the country. The DC Board of Professional Responsibility, in their Disciplinary Docket No. 2017-D051, as shown below, outlines multiple times Klayman has been found to have made “misrepresentations” and “omissions”.

In it, it states that the Ninth Circuit concluded that Klayman has “made it a pattern or practice of impeding the ethical and orderly administration of justice.”

This report refers to the Bundy Standoff trial in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was dismissed with prejudice by Judge Gloria Navarro in January 2018. During the trial, Klayman attempted to get appointed as attorney for Cliven Bundy, but was denied. He was also instrumental in filing a civil lawsuit against Barrack Obama, Judge Gloria Navarro and Harry Reid.

The newest complaint to be filed against Klayman is from radio talk show host Pete Santilli. Filed on January 28, 2019, the ethics complaint makes multiple allegations of Klayman misrepresenting himself to Santilli.

Additionally, there have been two supplemental complaints added that say Klayman has made threats to Santilli if he does not withdraw his complaint to the D.C. Bar Disciplinary Counsel.

When asked about the complaints, Santilli questioned how an experienced attorney, practicing in Washington DC for as long as he has, could make such critical mistakes in so many cases.

“The mistakes were either intentional, or he is so reckless that he should not step foot in another federal court room,” said Santilli. “Which one is it?”
Could Klayman have deliberately sabotaged this case, as well as other cases he has been involved in? Or is Larry Klayman just getting to the point of needing to retire?

Santilli cites several points, including Klayman turning over privileged attorney-client information and discovery to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who in turn forwarded the materials to Prosecutor Steven Myrhe. The prosecution then had a clear outline of the defense strategy.

Klayman also, allegedly, misrepresented that he would assist Santilli in a case against the prosecutors in Oregon, after the charges against Santilli were dropped on the eve of the Malheur Refuge protest trial beginning. The opportunity for that filing may have expired under a Statute of Limitations.

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Santilli was clear that he was referring only to his own cases, though there are several others that could be questioned. Klayman is regularly connected with high profile cases.

It is reported in the complaint, “my life was destroyed partly by Mr. Klayman’s negligence & what I believe to be malpractice”, and Santilli credits Klayman to be partly responsible for his having to accept a Felony plea agreement.

He also tells us about the potential of hundreds of thousands of dollars that Klayman is said to have raised through donations on his website This site is still active and collecting donations. There has been no accounting of the funds raised through the website.

Santilli said that Klayman was given copies of the discovery in anticipation of going to trial, yet just a few weeks before the trial was scheduled to begin, Klayman admitted that he had not even begun to look at the tremendous number of exhibits to be presented. He was not prepared to go to trial.

Klayman’s response to the ethics complaint was to call Santilli and email him demanding he withdraw the complaint, or face consequences, which could include violating his federal probation for the plea agreement in the Bundy case.

Santilli described in the supplemental complaint that Klayman is “threatening to make false allegations to my Probation Officer for the purposes of having me re-incarcerated”.

Klayman has also claimed that Santilli is working for Roger Stone, apparently due to Stone having been a guest on the talk show, as well as multiple episodes discussing the recent events and referencing Robert Mueller and his investigation.

The attorney is currently representing Jerome Corsi, known as “Person 1” in Roger Stone’s indictment. Corsi is expected to testify against his longtime friend and associate in a move some would call “ratting out”.


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