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Montana Capitol Filled With Environmental Socialists

Senator Daines and Congressman Gianforte were not present, as we were told they were not invited.

Searching For Truth

Montana Capitol Filled With Environmental Socialists

By Tim Ravndal

Today the Capitol was inundated by many people that were celebrating “Public Lands Day”.  Carrying signs that support the idea that our Federal Government is the steward of excellence when it comes to managing public lands.

The rally brought an obvious solidarity to oppose any idea of transferring management of National Forest Lands to the State of Montana.  The rally was led by Senator Jon Tester and Governor Steve Bullock.

When the bus pulled up bringing supporters to the rally, the signs and position of the people was obviously there to oppose any efforts to change the management of public lands.

Here in Montana many environmental “Green Decoy Groups” are bellied up to the government for funding.  That includes those filing litigation against logging, mining, grazing, and other natural resource industries.  They were well represented at the rally.

Senator Jennifer Fielder

Senator Jennifer Fielder has been on the leading edge of exposing truth regarding public land management here in Montana.  Senator Fielder has worked with other State leaders exposing this reality recognizing the Tenth Amendment and the rights of the people.

The citizens of this state understand the truth of managing our lands and natural resources lies in the local control where responsible management is best served.

Montana owns and manages approximately 6 million acres of land and is responsible for the beneficial use of the natural resources.  The record of the management of Montana land for beneficial use is well documented.

The United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management are charged with management of millions of acres with a dismal record that continues to get worse.

Every year, the Federal Government increases a budget authority to fight fires rather than responsible resource management.  Every year the conditions of our public land deteriorates.

Increasing bureaucratic decisions pushed by a democratic socialist mantra continues to take its toll on public lands costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

The rally today at the Montana Capitol building sent one clear message. “We do not want to sell or close our public lands.”  Unfortunately, the message has no foundation in historic beneficial use of the land and resources.

Senator Tester and Governor Bullock came together at the Capitol to send a message that is supposed to resonate with all the citizens of Montana.  Unfortunately, the message divides the people.

Senator Jon Tester

Senator Tester started a program multiple years ago with S1470 that was dubbed as the “collaboration” effort of the century.  Groups that were hand-picked by Senator Tester purportedly etched out a deal that would benefit everyone.

The deal sold out the natural resource industries and provided a launching pad for groups like the Montana Wilderness Association, Back Country Hunters & Anglers, Montana Wildlife Federation and other environmental “Green Decoy” organizations.

The groups that continue to chip away at resource development facilitate an agenda of a socialist manipulation resulting in more wilderness that prohibits multiple use.

We asked representatives from the Montana Conservation Voters today what gathering of signatures was for.  The young supporters declared that they were not part of organizing the rally but taking advantage of it.

We asked if the petition would open the debate to the other side of the isle.  Senator Daines and Congressman Gianforte were not present, as we were told they were not invited.

The performance in front of the 66th Montana Legislative Session at the Montana Capitol is an indication of what is likely to be an ongoing debate between politics and truth.


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