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LPOSD Sanctioned Liberal Event – Women’s March

Centrist-Democrats are discouraged almost as rigorously as conservatives.

School Sanctioned Liberal Event Spews Hate

LPOSD Sanctioned Liberal Event – Women’s March

by Shari Dovale

I understand that I will never agree with anyone 100% of the time, and I will never disagree with anyone completely either. That being said, I went to the Women’s March last weekend in Sandpoint hoping to find some common ground. I wanted nothing more than to find an issue in which both political sides could get along.

I know there are local democrats that do not like abortion, as I know there are local conservatives that do not like a wall. There should be a way to put aside the negativity on some level, or so I thought. I was wrong.

The Women’s March at Sandpoint Middle School was, apparently, sponsored by the Lake Pend Orielle school district (LPOSD), as it was held in their facilities. (I wonder if they would allow a MAGA event to take place there as well?)

Right from the get go, Indivisible members in identifiable orange vests, who were called “Peacekeepers”, checked bags before allowing entrance. According to the signs, they alone had the authority to decide who would be permitted inside.

When asked later, the “Peacekeepers” admitted they were not part of any organized group of security-trained personnel. They had been given this title for this event only.

Anyone that was seen bringing in any Pro-Life signage or pamphlets were not allowed inside, as this was deemed “Offensive”. It should be noted that the Peacekeepers were given a bit of a dressing-down by organizers later for not reading the signs, as pro-life signage made it’s way inside.

Once inside, you were encouraged to visit booths that lined both sides of the gymnasium. You could speak to, and get pamphlets from, Planned Parenthood, Local Democrats, PFLAG, Moms Demand Action, Bonner County Human Rights Task Force, and more.

You could pick up souvenirs, such as sunglasses at one booth and condoms at another. The ACLU even had pocket Constitutions to share.

Early on I learned not to talk about who I was or my political views. To be sure, I tried but received the “if looks could kill” glances several times afterwards. It went over much better if I just walked through quiet and listening.

The real fun began with the speakers took the stage. Kate McAlister, the far-left extremist that lost her bid for the State House seat 1A to incumbent Heather Scott in 2016, was the Master of Ceremonies. To be fair, she did clearly state at the beginning that the event was to be peaceful and nonviolent. McAlister also recognized the Constitutional rights of counter protesters outside and requested no engagement with them.

Most of the speech-makers said typical, expected hyperbole, without too much negativity for political opponents. On the other hand, the keynote speaker, Dr. Ryanne Pilgeram, was quite the opposite, as she made her bias exceptionally clear.

Pilgeram is an Associate Professor at the University of Idaho, focusing on issues of racial, gender and class inequality in rural communities.

A devout liberal, Pilgeram began her speech talking about the Aryan nations from 20 years ago. She continued on to include the “forced displacement of indigenous people” in North Idaho, White Supremacists and “Redoubters”, a term that is seemingly only used when deliberately trying to incite hostility and division.

While we find this rhetoric typical in larger, democrat-controlled cities, this level of rancor was stunning in small-town Sandpoint.

It is painfully obvious that this associate professor has not done much research on her subject matter, and relies completely on the left-wing radical, politically correct, liberal buzzwords to fuel the fire in progressive hearts.

It is also clear that the Indivisible group has an agenda of dividing the people that do not agree with their politics. Centrist-Democrats are discouraged almost as rigorously as conservatives. There will be no common ground. There will be no civil discourse. It is an “all or nothing” negative attitude with them.

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5 Comments on LPOSD Sanctioned Liberal Event – Women’s March

  1. Local Indivisible leader Rebecca Holland is the owner of All-Star Photography, which is listed as a link on the Sandpoint High School’s website. Clicking on the link you’ll find that the business has been providing student photo services for the past 29 years. Question 1: Why does this business get the special privilege of advertising on a government school website? Question 2: Does her longtime association with LPOSD have something to do with her having the privilege of holding meetings like the Women’s March, which exclude people of different opinions, on taxpayer-paid property? Contact LPOSD – they need to provide answers.

  2. Sounds sexist to me? They didn’t invite NAMBLA. And for those that don’t recognize it this is sarcasm my wife says I’m the king of it?

  3. Can’t you just feel the “love lives here”, the coexist, and the celebration of diversity? It’s manufacturer hate.

  4. Hey ! These liberals were not in their own private clubhouse – they were using a public facility, and subjecting you to DISCRIMINATION ! From how you describe their hostility, they were just about calling you the “N” word….you should complain to the school board…in fact, give us their contact info and WE’LL complain !

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