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Idaho Inauguration Events with Photos/Videos

Gov Brad Little presented the Idaho Republican party with a check for $100,000.00

Idaho Inauguration Events with Photos

Idaho Inauguration Events

by Danielle Ahrens

Last Friday January, 4, 2019 was the Inauguration and ceremonies for our new Idaho Governor Brad Little and our first-ever woman Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

We also had all of our Constitutional officers and 25 new legislators to start the session.

The Inauguration was on the Capitol steps in Boise on Friday afternoon with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance along with speeches, songs, cannons firing and a fly over with 4 military jets.

The new officials were sworn in on a bible by one of our Supreme court justices. 

Also on Friday, the Idaho Republican winter meeting was held with a rules meeting and a resolutions meeting. These rules and resolutions are written and presented by the grassroots precinct committeemen in the 44 central committees throughout the state.  We have a Republican Central Committee in every single county.

On Saturday morning we were amazed when Governor Brad Little came in to the main meeting and presented the Idaho Republican party with a huge check for $100,000.00 to say thank you for all of the volunteers efforts to help him get the vote out for Republicans. People were shocked and very appreciative about his willingness to work together with us, unlike the previous Governor. 

Next we had a great surprise as our new Congressman Russ Fulcher flew back from Washington D.C to be sworn in in front of his own constituents by Governor Brad Little.  I have never seen this done before and it shows his commitment to We the People in his district and state.

I am always so impressed by the fact that we always start with a prayer and a pledge of allegiance in our Republican meetings, both locally and statewide. I think that the best conversations and rule to come through the meeting was holding Republicans accountable. Whether running for office or being elected to serve, they should all hold to the Republican platform and ideals. We are a brand and we have an excellent platform.  Read it here and you will be surprised, I’m sure.

On Monday morning was the State of the State address and I was honored to sit in the balcony and watch the new Governor address the group of Senators,  Representatives,  Department Heads, distinguished guests and Press.

He laid out his plan for this year. “We have increased the budget for our schools by 32 percent,” Little said. “This past year, Idaho teachers received one of the largest year-to-year pay increases. As the Governor I will continue our momentum.”

Little described education as his number one priority. With 60% of Idaho voters calling for Medicaid expansion Little said he would support full implementation. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Zip up your wallets. Here comes more taxes.

It is #NeverEnough is it?


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