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Human Rights Club in Priest River

Please attend the next meeting, February 20 at 6:00 PM at the District office

Human Rights Club in Priest River

Human Rights Club in Priest River

Dear Readers:

Are your children part of a secret club at Priest River High School? High School science teacher Shannon Wilson initiated a “Human Rights Club” without community or parental input or access.

Wilson presented this “club” to the school board last September as “an opportunity for students to discuss other cultures and heritages.” The club meetings are held during lunch, “so more students can attend.”  Ms. Wilson appears to have misrepresented her “club” as her ‘’topics” reflect the extreme social agenda of the United Nations.

Against Idaho statute and basic transparency, the principal has not permitted any outside observation. Family, school board trustees and the community are being excluded. What is he hiding? This is contrary to assurances from board Chairman Sandy Brower and business manager Jennifer Anselmo, that there would be public access.

There should be parental and/or professional oversight when such subjects as sexual orientation are being discussed. Indeed, such personal issues as sexual identity require a protected environment, especially considering school liability. Rather, a trained health care professional and parental involvement instead of group think is essential.

The lack of transparency and the misrepresentation of the agenda send up red flags to a community that cares about our children. The schools work for us, not the other way around. Contact Superintendent Paul Anselmo and attend the next meeting, February 20 at 6:00 PM at the District office, to let them know you are concerned.

Gary Domke
Priest River


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1 Comment on Human Rights Club in Priest River

  1. I received an email suggesting we all look t what is being covered in our schools:
    “If you were to show children some of the program’s content on a playground you would likely be arrested and charged as a sexual predator. This program was introduced in 18 High Schools throughout the state.”

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