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Hammond Family Grazing Permits Restored

Today, the Department of the Interior notified Hammond Ranches that their grazing permits had been reinstated.

Hammond Family Grazing Permits Restored

Ranching Industry Praises Department of Interior
After Agency Reissues Hammond Ranches’ Grazing Permit

WASHINGTON (January 28, 2017) – Public Lands Council (PLC) President Bob Skinner and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) President Kevin Kester today issued the following statement in response to the reissuance of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) grazing permits to Hammond Ranches:

“In light of a full and unconditional presidential pardon, the reissuance of the Hammond Ranches’ grazing permits is the final step in righting the egregious injustices the Hammonds faced. This is the culmination of years of effort on behalf of this industry to restore a family’s livelihood. We speak on behalf of the livestock producers nationwide in saying thank you to Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and his team who worked to correct the hardships this family faced.”

Additionally, Ethan Lane, Senior Executive Director of PLC and NCBA Federal Lands, issued the following statement on behalf of Hammond Ranches:

“The Hammonds have asked me to convey their appreciation to Acting Secretary Bernhardt and the Bureau of Land Management for reissuing their grazing permits. They are looking forward to digging into the specifics of the reinstatement and, finally, getting back to the business of ranching.”


In 2012, Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond were convicted of felony arson and sentenced to five years imprisonment under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. This conviction was the result of two routine, back-burn fires started on their private property spreading to small parcels of adjacent federal land. On July 10, 2018, President Trump signed Executive Grants of Clemency for both men. However, the initial conviction resulted in the loss of Hammond Ranches’ BLM grazing permits. Today, the Department of the Interior notified Hammond Ranches that their grazing permits had been reinstated.


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6 Comments on Hammond Family Grazing Permits Restored

  1. As a follower of the Bundy/Finicum group and a believer in their stand, I have also followed the Hammonds plight. A trail of tears to many. In light of that I wondered if the Hammonds have been restored of all the extremely heavy fines that were levied on them in hopes by the BLM to collapse the family financially? Susie Hammond, a strong, tough woman, like the land she lives on, was totally underestimated by the aggressive BLM robbers.

  2. You are so right Neil, had not well founded Patriots like yourself gone to Malhure and taken a stand, this would have been LESS than a foot note in history. But the victory is yours my friend, yours, the country’s and freedom loving people’s!

  3. “Arson”? much less “Terrorism”?…To the uninformed, setting fire to rangeland may sound like a malicious act, but this particular type of “Arson” was noted by Lewis and Clark in 1804 – the plains indians burning off dead grass to make way for spring growth.. The beneficial effect for grazing is no less for today’s cattle than for the buffalo in those times.As one who has been deeply committed to the Hammonds case, both as a Malhure occupier and as a defendant in the Portland trials, I have to say that this is the first I’ve heard of the “Years of effort by PLC and NCBA”…I can’t help but think that, regardless of their paper war, the Hammonds would still be in Prison and that, without their pardon, this restoration of grazing would never have happened. Some of you might click on the above link “Oregon ranchers” to read Mr Pearce ‘s excellent article, our cause in going to Harney County. You know, it would have been easy for us occupiers to simply stay home – what do we care about goings on in the chill wastes of Eastern Oregon ? and for me, having to leave our little paradise of Los Osos, benighted land of manana, was certainly no pleasure trip, but we DO have a conscience. Bitter irony to see an inscription on the Fed courthouse ” An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere…M L King”…So…is this all old history ? After being defeated and humiliated over and over, you might think their wisest course would be to go quietly and hope their folly would fade into the past, but NO ! Acting out a modern day Captain Ahab ” It’s a WHITE WHALE I tell ya !” Disgraced AUSA Myhre – responsible for the Bundy et al debacle in Vegas – is now steering justice off on another madcap vendetta, trying to re-mount the Bundy case..

    • Neal, as a side note/question. Has anyone looked into the ‘Burning of French Glen’ (you tube video of same name.) by BLM? Was Chad Karges in charge of that? Someone gave the orders as BLM men with drip torches did the job and you can see that in the video. Men frantically trying to save the corals and the burnt cattle. Water tankers were up the road while the crew ate snacks. There has to be a record of who did what. Ranchers lost over a million dollars and no body said a word that I know of. Documented terrorist actions of the BLM

    • I was worried about Dwight and Steve and their defeatist attitudes after being returned to prison. Thank GOD for TRUMP and seeing the INJUSTICE towards these Ranchers and how they were put there to punish them and ALL the good citizens who stood up against the mighty machine!!
      Thank you for what you did are are still doing!!!!!!!! God smiles upon you!

      Regards, in Christ,
      Sherron Hall
      A heavy donator to the cause.

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