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WA LT. GOV Habib Too Afraid To Do His Job?

Maybe it is time he stepped away from public life.

Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib (Photo: Ted S. Warren, AP)

WA LT. GOV Habib Too Afraid To Do His Job?

By Shari Dovale

Washington State Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib chose to insult Governor Jay Inslee, and other dignitaries including the Washington State Supreme Court Justices, by not attending the State of the State address Tuesday.

Habib, a Democrat, indicated that he is concerned that someone might be legally carrying a concealed weapon in the gallery, and that seemed to be more than enough for him to stay away from the Governor’s annual address.

Admitting that no threats have been made, Habib made his point that this is about a ‘policy’ and not concerns for his safety, however, Habib has recently requested additional funding for extra security when he attends public functions. One has to wonder if he is afraid of the people that elected him.

If Habib’s fears are so overwhelming to him that it would keep him from doing the job he was elected to do, then maybe he should step away from public life. The people of Washington need a full time Lt. Governor, not a radical who only concerns himself with his globalist agenda.

Both the House and the Senate have policies against the open carrying of weapons, but, as President of the Senate, Habib has implemented his own policy of not allowing legal concealed carry into the Senate gallery. The House of Representatives has not adopted this policy and allows for legal concealed carry.

Rep. Matt Shea, Spokane Valley, stated on Facebook, “Unafraid of Lt. Gov Habib and his antics yesterday I concealed carried on the Senate Floor… and nothing happened. The Constitution trumps Socialism. It is only those who seek to ignore the Constitution that are causing division.”

Shea, and Rep Jesse Young, gave a video update from Olympia, presented below:


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4 Comments on WA LT. GOV Habib Too Afraid To Do His Job?

  1. We had a gun rights lobby day at the Washington Capitol on Friday, 6/18. I was infuriated to see a security guard blocking access to Habib’s office to deny any law abiding gun advocate any access to his office. So Habib, we’ll use a chapter from your playbook. We will: DEFY, RESIST, REVOLT!

  2. Preaching to the quire who actually listen to this more than a few seconds. That’s right ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Our rights are not up for negotiation. There are other ways that actually work to make us safer…..LIKE A WALL ON THE BORDER. 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Great statement by Mr Shea…..”Hoplophobia”…an irrational fear of weapons….fear of firearms…fear of armed citizens…MR Habib should take some psychological counseling. But then,he probably took his oath of office with his fingers crossed behind his back..

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