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The Funny Uncles of the Idaho GOP

The Funny Uncles cuddle-up on anti-Republican issues

The Funny Uncles of the Idaho GOP

The Funny Uncles of the Idaho GOP

by Sue Dawson

A lot of families have a funny uncle. You know, the one who is accepted as part of the family, but is so different that he really doesn’t belong. He shows up at all the family events because he has no other place to be. You have to watch him carefully because he has some strange behaviors. Weird guy. Don’t trust him.

The Republican Party has some funny uncles too. They’re kind of sneaky and clever. They oppose everything the Party stands for. They want big government, big taxes, never met a regulation they didn’t like, have no real problem with abortion, want gun control, and feel pretty powerful and important when they can give away “free” healthcare. Of course, all of these things are completely in defiance of the Republican family platform. That’s why you have to keep an eye on them. These guys are consistently working in opposition to the family. Even though they know they don’t really belong to the same family of the conservative party, this is the family they cling to for a comfy life. Pitiful situation.

Anyway, if they were booted out of the Republican family, where would they go? They can’t just switch parties ‘cause there’s little chance of being elected in Idaho if you’re not a Republican. They are most certainly more kin to Democrats; but there are not that many Democrats to elect them. Besides they would have to start all over by dropping the masquerade and establish a whole new image. But then… they could at least live openly telling the full truth about their intentions. Oh, what to do.

So, for the time being, they hide out in the Republican family, keeping their political views quiet, trying to stay out of the papers, and hoping no one notices their true leanings. Oh, the misery of these poor fellas. They can never be seen hanging out with their democrat twins, so they chum with the other funny uncles, and hope they never get exposed.

Here’s a list of the uncles on the Health and Welfare Legislative Committee and some of their goofy thinking:

Uncle Fred Wood. Worked his way to the Chairmanship of the Health and Welfare Committee. This guy thinks that complications arising from an abortion (H638) need not be reported to H&W and he voted in favor of using preborn body parts without consent of the mother (SB 1404 in ’16). On this one gruesome issue he stands alone from the other uncles.

Uncle Marc Gibbs. -Tight with Uncle Fred on the H&W committee and also with most of the other Democrat donkey voters in the legislature.

Uncle Scott Bedke. As Speaker of the House, appointed his loyal friends to the H&W committee to push through vaccinations, any form of Obama Care, and Medicaid expansion. Seems like a kindly old uncle until you find out how he shuts down the conservative thinkers.

Uncle Jarom Wagner -one term legislator appointed to fill a vacant seat and a highly favored legislator by Uncle Scott. He was appointed Vice Chairman of the powerful and influential H&W Committee, which is also an indication of his bobble-head relationship with the other uncles.

The Funny Uncles cuddle-up on anti-Republican issues like these:

To your Health — Cough, Cough

  • Jan 10, 2019 -Every 12th grader in Idaho mandated to receive a meningitis vaccination
  • H465 $3.8 million to pay for dental Medicaid Expansion.
  • HB472 taxpayers will pick up the tab for medical students to the tune of $640K/yr.
  • SB1376 additional $3.8million for 2019 Basic Medicaid Plan Program
  • HB 695 $2.4Billion in H&W, Medicaid
  • HB393 Extends immunization assessments five more yrs. to 2024
  • HB494 Opposed the Immunization notification changes provided for parents

Funny Uncles freely spend YOUR money

  • HB 375 $3.1million tax credit for a short line railroad
  • HB399 Increase PERSI benefits for some
  • HB513 Sales tax exemption for IAFCC
  • HB532 Expands the size of govt services for legal aid
  • HB654 $9.5million for ID public TV this yr.
  • HB661 $330k/yr. increase of favorite status only for Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • SB1279Estimated $5million only for college drop outs to return to college

Weird Uncle Wisdom

  • HB 461 Opposed to protecting state sovereignty prohibiting fed over reach
  • HB419 Opposed the prohibiting of foreign laws into Idaho courts
  • HB585 Gun confiscation for any domestic violence
  • HB428 –voted to bury this bill with no chance of a floor vote regarding limiting gifts to public servants from lobbyists
  • HB 642 Additional controls on private HOA’s
  • HB 479, 481, 482 Opposed property owners rights


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