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Change Of Perspective

George Washington went through a very similar experience that Trump is currently going through, but far worse.

Change Of Perspective
Crossing the Swamp, by Jon McNaughton Over 240 years ago George Washington suffered through Valley Forge and crossed the Delaware River to bring an astonishing victory to the Continental Army. Today, Trump endeavors to cross the “swamp” of Washington DC as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity.

Change Of Perspective

by Pete Ketcham

As I have observed the tremendous apposition and hate directed at President Trump, I had been convinced that never in the history of our country has a national leader or President ever been subjected to such multiple problems, hate, and political intrigue until I began reading the 2018 book “Valley Forge” by Bob Drury & Tom Clavin.

I had read about Valley Forge numerous times before, and was aware that George Washington and the continental army went through a tremendously difficult time, but did not realize how many political, logistic, and military hurdles George Washington had to overcome in order to emerge from Valley Forge with a viable army.

One could write many pages describing the tremendous sufferings of the individual soldiers, but in this article, I am attempting to show that George Washington went through a very similar experience that Trump is currently going through, but far worse.  The following are some of the seemingly unsolvable problems that George Washington faced, anyone of which could have crushed the American Revolution:

1.Almost no food for the troops, the entire army on the verge of starving to death.
Unable to forage the surrounding country to obtain the necessary quantity of food. In addition to this the British sent out numerous successful foraging troops, striping the food supplies from the local farmers and buying wagon loads of supplies from the Loyalist population.

2. No replacement uniforms, leaving the troops without shoes, trousers tops and coats.
Soldiers standing almost naked in bloodied footprints freezing to death.

3. No adequate medical help, troops dying by the hundreds of rampant diseases associated with the unsanitary living conditions in the typical army camp of that era.

4. Soldiers deserting by the hundreds, and officers resigning.

5. Calvary and wagon horses dying by the hundreds due to lack of feed.

6. Repeated pleas by Washington to the congress for help with the horrendous problems the continental army faced, but no help came for a long period of time.

7. Political intrigue by general Gates and others as they attempted to discredit Washington, undercut his command, and replace him as commander. He was also undercut by the constant spying activities of citizens loyal to the Crown

8. The constant threat of a major attack by the British army “wintering” in Philadelphia,

Washington literally existed on the cusp of total disbandment of the entire continental army, which placed himself and the founding fathers in grave danger of being hunted down and executed as traitors to the Crown. By any and all logic Washington and the continental army should have perished, but miraculously survived to defeat the greatest army in the world at that time.

When I compare what President Trump is currently going through today, as to what our first president George Washington went through and survived, I am optimistic that we, with God’s help, can come out on top in this current battle to save our constitutional nation.


Crossing the Swamp, by Jon McNaughton

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2 Comments on Change Of Perspective

  1. Trump is an accomplice to all the crimes perpetrated by the Clinton’s and any other major criminal infesting public offices, and that is true because as Dictator in Chief the so-called President has the power to – at least – put in place those who would indict and they try those criminals for those crimes that are well beyond alleged.

    This article of revisionist history is precisely the same type of mind control perpetrated by the so-called “Federalist Party” warned about by Thomas Paine.

    The reason this type of fraud continues is the same reason why criminals continue to infest public offices, there is no law in America, there has been no law in America since 1789.

    For those who prefer factual accounts instead of this latest version of fanciful fiction:

    “During the campaigns of 1777 a suspicion began to well up among many Americans that Horatio Gates was an excellent general and Washington a miserable one, and that maybe something should be done about it.”
    Generalissimo Washington: How He Crushed the Spirit of Liberty, by Murray Rothbard

    If people are publishing fiction as if it were fact then they are guilty of false propaganda, and if they do so knowingly, then they are by that willful criminal act: frauds. If their stories presented as fact endanger the public liberty, as are these cases involving Dictators infesting public office, then those propagandists are traitors. The lives of posterity are ruined by this type of loyalty to falsehood, this blind belief in falsehood without question.

    You will get what you invest in. When you insist upon investing in falsehood, you will get further and further from the truth.

  2. Very, very well said Mr Ketcham, and the painting of Trump crossing the swamp is a stroke of genius!..As you point out, the personal stakes for Washington couldn’t have been higher, as his signature on the Declaration of Independence was High Treason, punishable by hanging…You know, our familiar pocket Constitutions show ol George offering a pen…will you sign ?

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