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Wyoming Election Results in 2018

Wyoming is a Republican trifecta State, where Republicans hold all three levers of State authority.

Wyoming Election Results in 2018

Wyoming Election Results in 2018

by Alex Barron


I use to believe that Idaho was the most Republican State in the union. I was wrong. Many other states are far more conservative. One State that is amazing to read about is the Redoubt State of Wyoming. Wyoming residents self-identify as “conservative” more than in any other state Union. However like the rest of the Rocky Mountain States in general, the conservatism out here is much more “libertarian” or what I call “leave me alone and I will leave you alone,” than in other parts of the nation.

Wyoming is a Republican trifecta State, where Republicans hold all three levers of State authority.  While Wyoming went for Trump by 46 percentage points it is considered to be fiscally conservative, somewhat moderate Republican culturally with a strong libertarian bent. Fiscally Wyoming has some of the lowest property and sales taxes in the nation and has no personal or corporate income tax.

In the 2018 midterm elections Wyoming elected Republican former Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon as Governor by 57%, Republican Elizabeth Cheney to the federal House by 68% and Republican John Barrasso by 69% to the federal Senate. Note Congresswoman Elizabeth Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and appears to vote reliably conservatively especially when it comes to protecting an “all of the above” energy policy. Her sister Mary Cheney is a practicing homosexual that has two daughters.

The Cheney family appears to be United Methodists. The Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon is an Episcopalian. Senator John Barrasso is a Presbyterian.

It appears that Republicans swept the state in 2018 midterm elections.  it also seems that the Republican Party of Wyoming are incredibly conservative if you consider the Resolutions they passed in 2018.

Now there is a note of caution for Republicans in Wyoming and in Idaho, something we should look at all throughout the In-land Mountain West. In Wyoming, it is reported that over 12,500 people changed their registrations mostly from Democrat or Independent to Republican in the primary. Remember Wyoming is far larger than Idaho but only has 585,000 residents less than a 1/3 of Idaho residents. It is incredibly empty.  Thus that is not an insignificant number.

The Star Tribune Nick Reynolds reports that “…6,057 Democrats switched to Republican; 4,355 unaffiliated voters registered as Republicans..” Many people see this as progressives changing their party affiliation to Republican and then supporting the most liberal Republican possible, or just opposing good Christian conservative leaning candidates.

I strongly suggest the Idaho State Party, as well as the Republican State parties of Montana and Wyoming look at this and see what can be done morally to fight against this apparent attempt by people outside of a political party to influence the vote of another political party in the primary.

Another interesting thing for Christian libertarians thinking of modern homesteading opportunities to think of is per the federal US Census Bureau, Wyoming’s population decreased by nearly 1,200 people between July 2017 and 2018, bringing the state’s total resident population to just under 577,737 — lower than the state’s peak population of just over 586,000 in the Bureau’s 2015 estimates. The entire State of Wyoming has less population than city of Denver, Colorado.

It is my opinion that it is this isolation that promotes a sense of self-reliance. This self-reliance and seclusion are what keep places like Wyoming conservative.  If anyone has any information about Wyoming for people looking please share in the comments below.  If you can work remotely (there appear to be no jobs) and you and your family love this type of living and can swing it, I would look into migrating to Wyoming, a very Republican State.


H/T Charles Carroll Society

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6 Comments on Wyoming Election Results in 2018

  1. If you’re Catholic there are Latin masses (Powell, or Wyoming Catholic College in Lander).

    Boston T Party wrote a book, “Molon Labe” – a fictional “Atlas Shrugged” kind of Christian Libertarian fictional account of a takeover of Wyoming that eventually succeeds with succession.

    Jacks**t Hole is the only really blue area, though Laramie and even Wyoming State and Casper have their leftist sides.

    Wyoming also has just passed a series of laws enabling Gold and Silver (now tied with Utah for the best state), and wants to create a state bank for things like firearms and Cryptocurrency that normal banks don’t like (see the notes from the Hackathon earlier this year), for the latter it might be the friendliest state in the USA already.

    Also the cheap electricity and cold weather is attracting data centers.

    And in most places you can leave your car unlocked with the key in it and it will be there in the morning.

    Remembering back to the Primaries, I personally talked with most of the candidates on the ballot. It helps being small in population. But it does have long distances. It might take 30 minutes to get to the next town, but with zero traffic. Also at the Hackathon there were two legislators and the candidates for Governor for three parties – they voted or best hack in some categories.

    Also there is high-speed internet in most places. I have gigabit speeds (but the actual speeds are slower so I save with 100 Megabit). For the remote areas there is wireless high speed. But there are many places that don’t have cell phone coverage much less 4g. (Satellite phones and internet are available).

    And everyone is generally friendly, smart, and helpful.

  2. Planning a trip to assess options for relocation from MN. The last election shows an unfavorable trend in MN politics. I visited for same reason some years ago, but chose to see if trends continued here in MN. Looking for a small place, 2+ acres, good for gardening, well water, 3,000’ish community population, etc… Comments welcome.

  3. Its REALLY windy here and that usually blows the lightweight libs out very quickly.
    When I first moved and was putting up my building, the REA rep came out to discuss hooking up to the grid. He said “nice spot”; to which I replied ” it will be if I can ever get the metal on the building”. His reply was this: “Don’t curse the wind, it keeps the undesirables out of here”! Now when the wind blows – I smile and chuckle

  4. Steve me and my wife moved from Oregon for the same reasons. Although I grew up in Idaho I’ve lived all over the country. We now live northeast of Sandpoint and couldn’t be happier. This is truly GOD’S country.

  5. I am thinking to relocating to Wyoming or Idaho. I am a native Coloradan, but we have been taken over by the progressive-statists, and are on a path to become east California. Where is it not too cold or windy in Wyoming? Northern Idaho seems nice and reliably conservative also.

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