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Puzzled: Conservatives Content With Public Education?

This education system will become more liberal and godless if no intervention is made.

Puzzled: Conservatives Content With Public Education?

Puzzled: Conservatives Content With Public Education?

By Pete Ketcham

I have been puzzled for some time, that the conservative community seems to be content to deal with the results  of our current public education system, but does not have any plan of action or motivation to deal with the source, thus treating the symptom and ignoring the cause. Every corrupt thought, action, philosophy, and  procedure that is embedded in the minds of the liberal godless left, has it’s origin in the public school system, especially the college/graduate schools. For the last four decades the public school system has been an indoctrination institute that has produced the current crop of Democrat liberals, from Chuck Schumer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28 year old college graduate who has demonstrated she is a complete moron, but nevertheless is held out as the party’s future.

The conservative community knows what is happening in the education system, but somehow are just not motivated to take on the battle for control of this system. I concede that there are conservatives trying to make a difference at the school board level, but to regain national control it will take a dedicated and united nationwide effort.

Before any action could be successful, the first step in this war to save our constitutional nation is to realize and accept the fact that there is no permanent victory unless we take back the ground we have been losing over the years, yet we conservatives continually end up on the defensive, trying to repel yet another new offensive by the liberals. I do concede that Trump is doing the best he can to take back lost ground, but he is almost a “one man show”, and is being limited by the Democrat apposition and the lack of support by the Republicans.

For one individual to try to come up with some plan or strategy to take back our education system would be akin to the folly of someone planning the WW2 Normandy invasion, when the allied forces had absolutely no intention to carry out any invasion.

It continues to be puzzling why this lack of vision and commitment continues. One can only speculate why this is the case, and perhaps the following could be some of the reasons:

1.The conservatives view the task of recovering our education system as such an herculean effort, that it is just simply impossible to accomplice.

2.The conservatives believe if they keep fighting out on the perimeters, they will eventually work their way into the core causes.

3. Many conservatives still consider the teachers as objective icons, whose only concern is the “welfare of the children”, and thus, things will work out OK. Also many conservative parents are so committed to the social life and sports available for their children, they are willing to put up with the liberal curriculum and classroom indoctrination.

There are more reasons than those listed above which contribute to the reluctance of the conservative community to recover the education system, but the fact stands, this education system will become more liberal and godless if no intervention is made, and from it will flow all the future journalists, lawyers, judges, members of congress, and the president.

In essence, we conservatives are committing a slow-poison national suicide as we continue to tolerate and support the very institutions that are creating the people who are dedicated and determined to change our God fearing constitutional government into a twisted, godless, immoral socialist type government.


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2 Comments on Puzzled: Conservatives Content With Public Education?

  1. I suggest changing the title of this article: Puzzled; conservatives content with Socialist / Communist education? AS an analyst, conservatives are well intended, polite, while the bullies run the floor. The reason I say this, is a group of parents could go to the School Board meetings with “proverbial “Pitchforks, and generate change. Sad.

  2. My only answer to all these things is prayer, prayer and keep praying that God will intervene. God is the answer. We will soon see all the prophecies fulfilled. Many as you well know are already coming to pass. Most people who are not Christians scoff at these prophecies that are so very clearly written in His word.
    I certainly hope that I have made sense in my reply.

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