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Commissioners Are Not Meant To Be Furbies

Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

Commissioners Are Not Meant To Be Furbies

Commissioners Are Not Meant To Be Furbies


I want to clarify some misstatements made by Steve Lockwood.

Mr. Lockwood claimed lack of transparency during the budget process. This is, simply, false. My office has been extremely transparent and provided Mr. Lockwood the same detailed financial reports daily for that day’s meetings without him having to make a formal request.

Mr. Lockwood stated that the commissioners have increased their salaries by 10K over the past several years. What was left unsaid was that Cary Kelly, Todd Sudick and Glen Bailey, the Board began a course of wage studies. The LAST group brought up to average were the elected officials.

Mr. Lockwood publicly opposes increasing the tax revenue by 3%. With real inflation around 10% (think insurance, food, cars, phones, medical bills, etc.) the county’s tax revenue is falling by 7% per year (10% minus 3% = 7%). In spite of this, the current Board has CUT the budget, and CUT actual expenses. Bravo!

Mr. Lockwood is not able (in my opinion) to grasp Idaho’s budgetary law and the uniqueness of fund accounting. He gets an “A” for attendance, but after roughly 50 hours of budget hearings he understands it less than Mr. McDonald did after just two. This is an important part of the job of commissioner. It concerns me greatly.

Dan McDonald offends some people, including myself, at times. But the Commissioners are meant to be decisive CEOs, not Furbies. You always know where Dan stands on an issue. He is “as advertised”.


By Michael W. Rosedale
Bonner County Clerk


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2 Comments on Commissioners Are Not Meant To Be Furbies

  1. Dan may be “as advertised” but he has consistently lied about his accomplishments on the budget and about the “legacy” of the previous commissioners. He claimed the the “previous” commissioners left him with an $18M deficit. In fact we left him with a $1.5M carryover. There was no way to leave a deficit. He claimed he saved $8M over the previous 2016-17 budget but in fact compared his approved budget with the audited budget and in the end only matched anticipated income with the approved budget. The list of his outright misrepresentations is long. “Liars figure and figures lie”

    Todd Sudick
    Previous County Commissioner

  2. Todd, with your comments are you saying you would rather vote for a man who would erode our property rights, has dishonored the trust voters put in him by quitting office, not once but twice, and used his city council influence to pull off an arguably corrupt property deal?

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