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Blue Wave Was A Tempest In A Teapot

Will they double down on the tantrums, that cost them the Senate?

Blue Wave Was A Tempest In A Teapot

Blue Wave Was A Tempest In A Teapot

by Red Smith

To the politically unindoctrinated, unused to the partisan ebb and flow of a constitutional republic, or to those small feathered folk predisposed to hand ringing and gloomy prognosticating Tuesday’s elections would indeed look bleak for the cause of conservative restoral. With the surrender of the House of Representatives to the Democratic party one could be forgiven the panic that Trumpian Power had reached its zenith. Or perhaps the fear that the legions of MAGA could no longer overcome the power of an emboldened and increasingly openly desperate progressive left. Unfortunately fear is contagious and this particular trepidation could not be farther from the truth and needs to be quickly put to bed.

The left’s blue wave was a tempest in a teapot and here’s why. It is practically Holy Writ that a newly seated President lose control of the House of Representatives the first midterm of their administration. This is American tradition on par with Apple Pie and April Baseball, it is embedded in the American Ethos. Period, point blank, Americans are wary, and rightfully so, of incorporating the full power of the people in just one party. In fact a reversal in the House has failed to manifest less than a handful of times since our inception. With this crucial understanding Tuesday’s Election takes on a whole different light when you run the numbers.

Following the road map of historical precedence, several truths become rapidly obvious. The Trump Administration surrendered less than half of the Seats considered normal when compared to other recent two term administrations and in fact lost the fewest Congressional seats since Ronald Reagan. This despite the fact that the GOP was facing a record number of retirements, many quietly already collateral damage of Trump’s swamp cleansing.

Of the thirty seats lost in the House, again a paltry less than half of normal turnover, twenty one were Incumbent GOP Representatives from Districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. The fact that many of these races were competitive on Democratic “home turf”, especially in light of the GOP’s lackluster support with funding and star power, is telling in and of itself. Furthermore of the Republican Representatives sent packing many were of the milquetoast, moderate, Rhino, Never Trump flavor and had failed to embrace the new furor alight in the Country. Truth be told, the House will not miss these deadwood swamp floaters.

The rabid left grossly overextended themselves as they ramped up the rhetoric and hate during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination confirmation and it cost them. Every Democratic Senator up for election that opposed Justice Kavanaugh lost their Senate seat and  Donald J. Trump became only the third President in American History to add to a Senate Majority during First Term Midterm Elections. Armed with this knowledge and added to the information already given one can see start to glimpse the the truth. The left failed miserably despite their rabid efforts to turn the Trump tide.  

Truth post Election 2018; The Party of Trump firmly holds the Executive branch and the wholesale cleansing of the administrations Departments, Agencies and Apparatus of the embedded “resist” movement is reaching a crescendo soon to leave these crucial revamped tools fully at the command of the Chief Executive to be loosed upon his command.

The Conservative bulwark in the Senate was not only defended but expanded upon. To all appearances Senate leadership seems to have  discovered upon which side of the bread the butter exists on and shedding its “Never Trump” mantra, stands fully weaponized to repel further investigatory or obstructionist campaigns brewing in the newly leftist House of Representatives.

constitutionThe Supreme Court, for the first time in decades, is firmly in the hands of Constitutionally minded Shepherds. With the recent news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s declining health, the Court stands to be even further strengthened by reinforcements. Reinforcements, by the way, that are now in a friendly pipeline to be expedited by an even stronger Senate. Taking this and the fact that Trump has dropped the ban hammer on numerous socialist, progressive Justices to have them replaced by a strong Constitutional minded judiciary and one will see Americas Lady Justice finally righting her scales and sharpening the rust from her sword.

Even in a Constitutional crisis, as promised by some progressive leadership, requiring a convention of states, Republicans control the State Houses and Governorships. Although the loss of several Governorships, especially in battleground states is troubling and this elections one conceivable black mark.

This has left the progressives with two choices; 1) Win back the goodwill of their historic base by settling in and using what little power they have to negotiate with the President to Govern the Nation or, 2) Double down on the tantrums, that cost them the Senate, to feed the growing young communist influence now loose in the party, an influence that has already begun biting the hand that feeds it. Either way, the Democrats new Catbird seat is wired to the wall and Donald Trump has his hand on the switch.

So in summation, fear not fair Citizens, all is well. Yes, we are in a war and there are many battles left to win or lose, but we are fair positioned and provisioned for the contest, far more so than when we were staring down the abysmal horror of a Clinton Presidency a mere two years ago. In truth, the promised Progressive blue wave was closer to a wet fart than an unopposable force of nature sweeping all before it. Sure we have to deal with the smell, but they are the ones sitting in it and they better clean themselves up post haste or risk not being invited back.


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2 Comments on Blue Wave Was A Tempest In A Teapot

  1. “To the politically unindoctrinated, unused to the partisan ebb and flow of a constitutional republic, or to those small feathered folk predisposed to hand ringing and gloomy prognosticating Tuesday’s elections would indeed look bleak for the cause of conservative restoral.”

    The Corporate Nation State created in 1789 is not a democracy, not a republic, and not a federation of independent states, it is as it was designed, a functioning oligarchy, also known as an aristocracy. It is a corporate, or legal fiction, oligarchy, and it is run by people who were once labeled as aristocrats, and now they are being labeled, euphemistically, the elite.

    If it were a democracy then the people as a whole would rule themselves, not a majority, not a minority, not any segment less than the whole people, with the exception of trial juries, and other actual representatives of the people, not representatives of corporations, legal fictions, or the few aristocratic “elite,” such as central banking frauds, warmongers, and what is now called human traffickers.

    It is not a republic since the meaning of the word republic is the public thing, which is therefore not the elite thing, not the aristocratic thing, not the faction thing, not the democratic party thing when their faction is in power, not the republican party thing when the republican party is in power, not the corporate thing, not the legal fiction thing, not the central banking fraud thing, not the warmonger thing, and not the human trafficking thing.

    The Nation State is also not a federation of independent states. The Nation State was admitted to be designed as a consolidated government, which is not a federation of independent states, and that admonition has been a public documented fact since 1789.

    So what does the quote actually mean?

    “To the politically unindoctrinated, unused to the partisan ebb and flow of a constitutional republic…”

    Does that actually mean to address specific people who belong in the category of “politically unindoctrinated:” people who do not understand politics? Does that mean that someone belongs in that category because of their lack of indoctrination in political knowledge, based upon accurate information?

    Does that mean something along the lines of people suffering from brainwashing, whereby people actually believe a deliberately false account of what constitutes a republic, and they belong in the unindoctrinated group because they are in the brainwashed group instead?

    If it has been clearly established that an actual republic would serve the whole people as one, and therefore an actual republic would not infringe upon basic human rights, such as the right to prosecute criminals in government (the 1st amendment), and the right to defend against criminals in government who declare war upon the people (the 2nd amendment), then how does the current Nation State, Consolidated Corporate Legal Fiction Oligarchy, stack up to that clearly established criteria required for a republic to be a republic: the public thing?

    Three examples may be worth noting when evaluating the truth of the claim that U.S.A. Inc. (established in 1789) is a republic: the public thing.

    1. The effort by Martin Luther King Jr. to hold the National government to account for the crimes perpetrated by the people operating the National government, and the subsequent death sentence executed upon Martin Luther King Jr., for daring to exercise his 1st Amendment right.

    2. All those persecuted in chronological order in the following widely publicized public persecutions: Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Hammond and Bundy family persecutions. For the crimes of defending themselves against criminals in government, there are injuries and mass murders executed by order of the National government upon those many people, each indiviudal having a name, a life, and before being executed: a future.

    3. Lavoy Finicum, another example of one member of the public whose actions constituted the exercise of a 1st Amendment right, a right to hold criminals in government to account, and once again the criminals in government, the so-called constitutional republic, issues a death sentence, and that death sentence for speaking the truth is executed on schedule, no right to face an accuser, no speedy trial, no right to subpoena witnesses, no right to demand and receive all exculpatory evidence held by the persecutors, no trial by the country (the whole people represented in an actually random jury selection process), no rights whatsoever other than the right to be shot in the back, to bleed to death while the criminals ensure that no one capable of aiding the dying man is allowed to help him.

    Constitutional republic? What indoctrination must be required in order to arrive at the conclusion that U.S.A. Inc. is a constitutional republic: “public” school?

  2. “Deadwood Swamp Floaters” Love It ! And I enjoyed your Homeric opening paragraph….Can anyone see the Dems choosing your alternative #1? I’d say they are too far gone in their fantasy world, and besides, with their credo of the end justifies the means, all they’ve ever done is double down. I’m afraid we’ll see some real hysterics, or even worse, silence, from them when Trump is re-elected. Unfortunately, our own state – California – is one of those black marks, but I won’t complain to the sane parts of the country about our problems. Sometimes it has to get worse before it can start getting better, and of course I’m thinking about SOJ, The State of Jefferson…It’s seemed for a long time that Sac has been purposefully alienating the North Counties, and the Brave New World about to be unleashed – especially the new GG laws – will hopefully be the last straw. As you may know, our favorite whipping boys have been Fed Agencies, and we are watching a situation near Redding. Ammon has the details on his FB page…..Liberty..get it while you can !

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