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Write to Right the Wrong

If you truly believe in small government and our country's great Constitution, join us on November 6th, 2018

Write to Right the Wrong

Write to Right the Wrong

A horrible crash is about to occur in Kootenai County. A crash which will undoubtedly result in significant damage that could take years to repair. A crash that is certain to cost ALL responsible Kootenai County tax payers a huge chunk of their hard earned money. A crash that should shiver the spine of every Constitution loving conservative and spread joy to every socialist liberal. And I can tell you the exact date when this horrible crash will occur….November 6, 2018.

On that day, election day, RINO candidate Bill Brooks runs unopposed for county commissioner in district 2, and in district 3, Constitutional conservative Leslie Duncan, faces liberal socialist, Reuben Miranda, for county commissioner.

Why do I call it a “crash” you may ask? Humor me a wee bit and I’ll tell you why at the end of this letter. But first, let me give you a “Miranda Warning”. You know, like the warning the police give you when you find yourself in hot water. The warning that tells you that anything you say will be used to lock you up till the jail walls crumble! Well here is my version of a “Miranda Warning” to the voters of Kootenai county…

A vote for Reuben Miranda is a vote for a sentence of socialist failures. I don’t know Mr. Miranda, but I know the failures of his party and platform. Perhaps Mr. Miranda is a fine upstanding citizen with a heart of gold. I know of nothing that would say otherwise. Unfortunately, a heart of gold does not pay the choking debt of liberal entitlement. Benevolence must be measured with balance. A lesson many a socialist country has failed to learn. Mr. Miranda’s political leanings are better suited for California than Idaho. I urge all small government and freedom loving conservatives to vote for Leslie Duncan for county commissioner in district 3.

As for Mr. Brooks, do not be fooled by his conservative facade. If one were to test his DNA I am certain it would come back as DNC! Mr. Brooks is a RINO, through and through. The encyclopedia tells us that the RhINO is a large and obtuse mammal, quick to spook and ill tempered. It has a particularly small brain and very poor eyesight. It’s “horn” is actually not a bony protuberance, but rather a mangy clump of matted hair. One might even call it a “fake” projection! How apropos! 

A lone RINO is a concerning beast, but easily managed by distracting them with shiny rocks. But two RINO’s in concert makes them twice as ignorant and twice as destructive. And therein lies the rub. For you see, one RINO already sits upon his arse on the KC board of commissioners. That would be Mr. Fillios. And on November 6th, his soul mate, Mr. Brooks, will graze along side of  him. That is, unless enough of we RINO hunters change the path of the “crash”.

How do we do that? By joining me and hopefully thousands of others and on your ballot write in a true Constitutional conservative, Mark Eberlein for county commissioner in district 2. If you truly believe in small government and our country’s great Constitution, join us on November 6th, 2018 and WRITE to RIGHT the WRONG! 

Oh, and by the by, to answer the question of why I have warned of an impending “crash”……do you know what the encyclopedia calls a gathering or herd of two or more RhINOS?….A CRASH! 

B. Jefferson


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3 Comments on Write to Right the Wrong

  1. A correction to my letter above…Brooks is running in district 1, not 2. District 2 is currently filled by another RINO, Mr. Fillios. You can’t really blame me for the mix up…after all, don’t ALL RINO’s look and sound the same? Oh, and yes, I know that Mark Eberlein did not register as a “write-in” so we won’t change the outcome on November 6th, 2018. But until we can change it, let us not silence our speech or our ballots!

  2. RINO is an American tradition traceable to the FINO (Federalist in name only) such as Morris, Randolph, Hamilton, Adams, Washington, and double agent Madison.

    “By joining me and hopefully thousands of others and on your ballot write in a true…”

    Who now knows anything true? Gone was trial by the country, our way of holding the government to an accurate accounting, and that went with the 1787 crime spree known as the first Con Con Con Job.

    If someone wants to vote with their conscience in a meaningful way, then consider learning about the power of the common law juries (grand and petty) and vote to either consent to whatever the government is doing, or not.

    THE COURT: Let me ask you, do all of you
    agree with this verdict?

    THE JURY: Yes (In unison).

    THE COURT: In answer to the
    question did Loyd Jowers participate in a
    conspiracy to do harm to Dr. Martin Luther
    King, your answer is yes.

    Do you also find that others, including governmental agencies, were parties to this conspiracy as alleged by
    the defendant? Your answer to that one is
    also yes.

    And the total amount of damages
    you find for the plaintiffs entitled to is
    one hundred dollars. Is that your verdict?

    THE JURY: Yes (In unison).

  3. Punishment must be reasonable without doubt, or juries may be inspired to falsify their findings based upon an obvious threat of excessive violence hanging over an accused perpetrator. Juries (the country represented by 12 randomly selected representatives) require not only the power to judge fact and law (based upon moral concience), they also must decide what is or is not a just remedy, which is not the same thing as a punishment. The idea is to deter crime by making crime unafordable, not to set an example of what happens to someone who fails to obey orders without question.

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