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Why We Like Heather Scott

I would urge voters to re-elect Heather Scott.

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Why We Like Heather Scott

North Idaho is in an uproar over the silicon smelter a Canadian company, PacWest, wants to build in Newport right next to the Idaho border, with a huge smoke stack that will pollute our air and will be an ugly sight to behold.  Semis and trains from Canada would use our highways and railways to feed this operation 24/7.

Multiple public meetings since last November were attended by many hundreds of citizens, most expressing anguish and concern over this prospect. Where were our elected officials during the meetings?  Well, one Bonner County Commissioner and one candidate for state legislator were seen but not heard commenting one way or the other; they acted like bystanders.

The only legislator who showed up, stood up, and was a voice for the citizens was Representative Heather Scott.  And she didn’t stop there.  She has contacted the Governor and several state agencies to draw their attention to this issue, encouraging them to provide agency contacts for citizens and to get involved in the EIS scoping process.  Because incredible as it seems, Idaho elected officials and agencies have stayed silent about this issue which will potentially impact our health and environment in North Idaho.

This is why we like Heather Scott.  When she says she will fight for the citizens, she means it, and her track record says that she doesn’t just talk the talk but actually walks the walk.  We need to make sure we re-elect this outstanding representative on November 6th.  

Darrell Anderson


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