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Who To Vote For In Idaho Elections?

November 6th is election day.

Who To Vote For In Idaho Elections?

Who To Vote For In Idaho Elections?

I’ve had some folks in Kootenai County ask me about who to vote for and here’s my answer: Anyone with an “R” after their name, which hold true for everyone voting for other county, state and Federal candidates. I am suggesting that the guy who defeated Marc Eberlein doesn’t deserve a vote and I’m encouraging an “under vote” for his race as he’s also unopposed.

Yes, I know, there are some candidates that some of us don’t like but at least they’re not Democrats! Republicans/Independents who stay home elect Democrats and that portends disastrous consequences for our state.

The judges and NIC trustees are unopposed so voting/not voting for them makes no difference.

It’s very important to vote for Janice McGeachin for Lt. Gov., Leslie Duncan for County Commissioner, Jim Brannon for County Clerk and Jim Addis in the 4th District.

In the schools superintendent race, while Ybarra is, at best, a moderate Republican, she’s a far better choice than the Democrat who’s running against her and is well-funded by the teachers’ union and their ilk.

I’m recommending a “Yes” on Prop 1 because I don’t want the government telling you and me what we can do with our money. That’s up to us to make that decision. Yes, some people have a gambling problem. The same holds true for alcohol but the state sells booze. (Don’t get me started on the state liquor monopoly!) And, the Indians have a monopoly on gambling, other than the state lottery, and the Indians give plenty of money to the Democrats.

NO! on Prop 2! We do not need further Federal incursion into our state and remember, the government has NO money. There have been multiple articles written about the dangers of Prop 2 passing so I won’t pile on in this one.

October 9 was the last day to submit, in writing to the elections office, write-in candidates. No, you can’t write someone’s name in on your ballot on November 6, election day.

Don Bradway
Hayden, ID


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