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Donald Trump Junior Makes Another Visit to Montana

Please vote Matt Rosendale for US Senate.

Donald Trump Junior Makes Another Visit to Montana

Donald Trump Junior Makes Another Visit to Montana

By Tim Ravndal

Montana is facing an all-out battle for the United States Senate Seat. Incumbent Senator Jon Tester is working hard to hold his seat. Matt Rosendale is making the challenge with the backing of the President of the United States. It is obvious in nearly every town across Montana that the battle is heated and Mr. Rosendale is fully engaged across Montana to counter the attacks by the Democratic Party and Senator Tester. Claims of illegal campaign expenditures that resulted in Senator Tester beating then Senator Conrad Burns have never been resolved. The political system and the judicial branch of government here in Montana has never reached political accountability with Senator Tester. He has been in office for the past 12 years.

The tour pushing for the “Red Tsunami” is called the “Victory Tour across Montana.” Congressman Greg Gianforte is also seeking re-election to the United States Congress and is part of the tour. Donald Trump Jr. and his friend Kimberly Guilfoyle have been touring Montana cities and towns for the past week. On Friday October 26 the tour was in Helena Montana. The event was held at the Kleffner Ranch which is an early 1800’s ranch that has been recognized as a historical site in Montana.

The left has attacked Donald Trump Junior when he reported his trip to Montana to hunt “Prairie Dogs.” The liberal media reported that he was in Montana shooting pregnant lactating dogs. The distortion of the truth resonated across the country.

One of the strong messages from Donald Jr. was that his father is the first politician criticized for fulfilling his campaign promises. Hecklers that have followed the campaign continually try to trash everyone involved. The fact that former President Obama is still trying to take credit for the economy was pointed out and the crowd roared with laughter. Mr. Trump Jr. made the claim that his 4-year-old daughter has more knowledge about foreign relations with China and other countries than those that have been in those positions under the former president.

The main message from Donald Trump Junior is the fact that his father that is the President of the United States cannot continue to turn our country around without everyone’s help. The effort to unseat Senator Tester is to facilitate the campaign to “Make America Great Again.”

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1 Comment on Donald Trump Junior Makes Another Visit to Montana

  1. Folks in Montana need to smarten up and get rid of Tester. Not only is he bad for Montana, He’s bad for America. Please, for the betterment of everyone , send him apackin’. His thinking is badly flawed. He thinks like most career politicians.

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