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Supporting Russ Fulcher for Congress!

Vote Russ Fulcher for Congress.

Supporting Russ Fulcher for Congress!

Supporting Russ Fulcher for Congress!

I would like to go on record as supporting Russ Fulcher for Congress!

I don’t do this because I dislike his opponent, I support Russ Fulcher because I know him to be exactly who we need representing us in Congress! Russ has an uncanny ability to work with people who disagree with him as easily as he does with people who are in agreement.

The reason for this in my opinion is that he is blessed with an agreeable disposition as well as a keen intellect! It is my hope that you will consider my observations, as I have known him personally for several years. He is a good man, and cares deeply for the state of Idaho!

Elect Russ Fulcher this November!

Dan Lawrence
Laclede, ID


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