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What is Socialism But Communism Undercover?

The Silent Majority did not speak up and resist National Socialism when it was in its infancy.

What is Socialism But Communism Undercover?

What is Socialism But Communism Undercover?

What is socialism but communism undercover?” – says Margarete. She is a German survivor who lived through Hitler’s rise and fall.

As a young girl, she witnessed her father’s torture and death because he would not join the “Party”. Nazi officers entered German schools and instructed the teachers that they would adopt a universal national curriculum (Communist Core?)1. She watched as Germany fell prey to collectivism, socialism, and then to fascism.

She urges the younger generations to educate themselves on the political process and not be enticed by the “equity” and “social justice” jargon. In Germany, she feels that the Silent Majority was responsible for not speaking up and resisting National Socialism when it was in its infancy. “It’s just a fad”, she heard her fellow citizens saying of the Brown Shirts. “Just ignore it and it will go away”. That is why Margarete is adamant the Silent Majority, here in America, be silent no longer. Her message to them –

When I speak to the young folks in school, I tell them, ‘Your forefathers went to war to allow you to voice your opinions and vote’… The silent majority has been silent for such a long time in America. We have the freedom to speak up, but we don’t do it. We are apathetic. Get involved! Inform yourself and speak out. Speak out politely! Act like informed citizens not violent protestors.”

She sees what is happening with the school shootings – politicians and shallow thinkers, asking for more gun control laws. This is what happened to her to convince her otherwise:

First comes registration, then comes confiscation. Oh! But, they will give you a receipt for your confiscated guns. Which will do you a lot of good in self-defense! Take for instance when I was in Russia. I was all alone at night when a “flasher” tried to attack. If I had not had a gun, I would have been raped or at his mercy. A receipt would not have helped me then.”

I’ve been there and done that”, she adds. “Please, American, please listen”.


Maureen Paterson
Priest River

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