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Montana Senator Tester’s Illegitimate Senate Seat

The voters of Montana need to stop this now!

Montana Senator Tester’s Illegitimate Senate Seat

Montana Senator Tester’s Illegitimate Senate Seat

by Shari Dovale

Since taking the Senate seat for Montana in 2006, Jon Tester has been plagued by shadows of illegitimacy. It has been suggested multiple times over the years that Tester was forced down the voter’s throats as Harry Reid’s puppet to control the upper house of government.

Claims of voter fraud began almost immediately. Between poll watchers crying foul, a lawsuit being filed with the state, and the Democratic Governor bragging how he was able to get the tribal police to frighten Republican poll watchers off Indian reservations, it would seem there is more than enough for a full investigation.

Yet, it has not been done.

Now, there is a new book that outlines what happened in 2006 and how Jon Tester was elected through scheming and fraud. Christopher Kortlander’s book, Arrow to the Heart: The Last Battle at the Little Big Horn: The Custer Battlefield Museum vs The Federal Government, exposes this corruption.

The book lays out the details in an easy-to-understand manner. Some of the details will be found in the documents below, a lawsuit filed in 2007, alleging numerous violations of election laws.

The document’s state, “Defendants’ actions and omissions have deprived voters in Big Horn County of their fundamental, constitutionally-protected rights to participate in the political process on an equal basis and undermine the constitutional guarantee of a republican form of government.

Additionally, there is the former Governor bragging about how he manipulated the election to get Jon Tester in office. It began with an audio recording.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s speech to the annual trial lawyers’ convention in Philadelphia on July 14, 2008, in which Schweitzer boasted (to the cheers of the trial lawyers) of his misuse of official powers to interfere with the voting and vote-counting process to tip the 2006 Montana election for a U.S. Senate seat to his favored candidate, Jon Tester

When the recording was made public, Schweitzer claimed that he was only joking. Then a video surfaced which clearly shows, though he is having a great time telling the story, it does not appear to be a comedy routine.

Badger Pundit published the following video on You Tube, with the commentary:

Video questioning Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester’s professed commitment to “Montana values,” given that he remains politically allied with Gov. Brian Schweitzer even though: (1) Schweitzer went to another state and called Montanans “redneck” racists (7/28/2012 keynote speech to Ohio state democrats); and (2) Schweitzer went to another state and bragged about how he abused his office to get Tester elected in 2006 (7/14/2008 speech to the trial lawyers).


There is more evidence where all of this came from. Kortlander discusses it in his book, which I encourage everyone to read. There is more there than I can lay out in a single article, but I will include this.

When individuals state that they were paid to vote for a particular candidate, then produce the written checks for all to see, it should be looked into.

These questions should have been answered before Jon Tester was ever allowed to take office. The voters of Montana have had a fraud perpetrated on them. They need to stop this now and vote out Jon Tester!


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