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Reject Socialist Steve; Vote Dan McDonald

Please join me in voting for Dan McDonald on November 6th.

Reject Socialist Steve; Vote Dan McDonald

Reject Socialist Steve; Vote Dan McDonald
for Bonner County Commissioner

Do you support refugees flooding into Bonner County? Do you support taking the lives of the unborn at any stage of a pregnancy? Do you support having faceless bureaucrats dictating what you can and cannot do with YOUR property? And do you want a man who makes uninformed decisions that affect all county citizens without having all the facts? If you’re answer is “yes,” then by all means cast your vote for “Socialist Steve” Lockwood.

BUT if you care about maintaining the culture of Bonner County, you care about protecting the unborn, you want your property rights respected, and you want a commissioner who carefully considers all aspects of an issue before making an informed decision that best benefits all Bonner County residents, then your choice is clear: Dan McDonald.

While Socialist Steve falsely presents himself as a conservative to manipulate people into voting for him, Dan is the true conservative who walks the talk every day.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald for Bonner Country Commissioner on November 6th.

Lisa Keseloff


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