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Reelect Dan McDonald

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan McDonald

voting Reelect Dan McDonald

Reelect Dan McDonald

Several years ago I approached Dan McDonald to run for Bonner County Commissioner. I knew him to be a very successful businessman in construction.  A strong Christian and youth leader. He had a very solution based approach to problems.

For several years he went and observed commissioner meetings and worked with prior Commissioners to learn the job. Since he’s been elected in 2 short years he slashed 12 million off of the county budget yet we didnt lose any services. He did exactly what he said he would do and is running the Bonner County as a business respecting your hard earned taxpayers money and making sure to cut waste.

Anytime a constituent needs a question answered or a problem addressed he is available by phone or in person. I am serving on the Life Choices pregnancy center board of Directors with Dan and I absolutely vouch for his character and integrity. This is the caliber of elected official that I help to get elected. A true servant leader.

Vote to reelect Dan McDonald on November 6th

Danielle Ahrens


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