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Recurring Election Crisis – by Pete Ketcham

By God’s help it is possible to prevail in these two year recurring election crisis.



By Pete Ketcham

We have been told repeatedly to vote this midterm election, as it is the most important election of our lifetime. I concur with that, it is the most important election SO FAR !, but this election crisis is now going to occur every two years from here on out, and each will be the next “most important election of our lifetime”

The reason elections are now a crisis is because the Democratic Party, the news media, the education system, and the entertainment industry (known collectively as the left) have been taken over by a group of people who are intrinsically evil from, front to back , top to bottom, and start to finish. At this point it is almost irrelevant how these people took control of these entities, it is just a simple fact they did, and they are not about to relinquish this control and power.

These ungodly people are dedicated to the destruction of this constitutional nation, and are working hard to turn it into some type of warped border-less socialist state. That is why they must never be allowed to gain the presidency or the majority in congress ever again.  Although this may seem like an impossible political position to maintain, it is critical, as the frustration and hate of the left has grown to the point it borders on insanity, and as bad as it is in the political arena, their frustration and hate is now moving into the arena of violence as their minions like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and individual Democrat lunatics assault Republican legislators. As expressed by Senator Rand Paul, this violence is going to grow until assassinations start taking place, and at the rate of aggressive confrontations (as encouraged by the left) taking place, it is not a matter of if, but when.

Thus, It is acknowledged, that retaining congressional majority and the presidency seems like an impossible task for the conservative Christian people, but by God’s help it is possible to prevail in these two year recurring election crisis.


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