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Real Reason For The Sale Of Avista To Hydro One

“Who is the GOLDEN SHARE?”

Real Reason For The Sale Of Avista To Hydro One

Real Reason For The Sale Of Avista To Hydro One

In the agreements for the sale of Avista to the Canadian government’s Hydro One there is a GOLDEN SHARE PROVISION.

We have asked repeatedly since the first public hearings “Who is the GOLDEN SHARE?”

The golden share is a single share of preferred stock that can vote all other outstanding shares of stock and can also put the company into bankruptcy on its own. This gives complete control of the company to whomever holds this GOLDEN SHARE.

Since they have not yet revealed who the holder of this share is, we did some research to find out who it might be. Lo and behold, there is a company in Ontario, Canada named GOLDEN SHARE RESOURCES. This mining company is run by Mr Nick Zeng, a person with business ties to the CHINESE GOVERNMENT.

Part of the sale of Avista is all its many subsidiaries, one of which is in Alaska. This subsidiary owns two gold mines in Alaska with proven reserves in the 5 to 11 BILLION DOLLARS. We can connect the dots here.

Also, what is to stop the GOLDEN SHARE holder from declaring a bankruptcy and selling our 13 hydroelectric dams to the Chinese government along with the gold mines, a real sweet deal for China.

This deal is dirty from its start. The CEO of Avista and the board of directors will receive over 50 MILLION DOLLARS when the deal is done and the Avista stockholders will receive a 24 % bonus when they sell their stock back to the new company. We are being SOLD OUT !!!

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