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Proposition 2 – Follow the Money

Please vote NO on Proposition 2, Medicaid Expansion in Idaho

Proposition 2 - Follow the Money

Prop 2 Follow the Money

Medicaid Expansion: follow the money and political power.

BILLIONS of dollars will be funneled into the pockets of hospitals, medical businesses, therapists, bureaucratic agencies, big pharma lobbyists, and career politicians who are helping to grow the medical industry.

No wonder they “care” so much about providing health services to more citizens. It’s big money!

Prop 2 provides a “new” revenue source of income for big medical organizations and in addition will grab entitlement priority over almost all other state budgeting needs, like roads and schools that meet the needs of everyone.

Big lobbyists are coming out of the woodwork to campaign for subsidized health care that ensures a big, fat, steady, budget for the medical industry!

Every ad I have seen is from medical industry or socialist sympathizers.

Vote NO on Prop 2.


Marilyn Giddings


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