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Prop 2’s Obamacare Expansion is NOT “Idaho-Grown Solution”

Please vote NO on Proposition 2, Medicaid Expansion in Idaho

Medicaid Expansion Obamacare Expansion

New Otter Ad Falsely Portrays Prop 2’s
Obamacare Expansion as “an Idaho-grown solution”

Boise, ID—Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman today blasted supporters of Proposition 2 for falsely claiming Medicaid expansion is “an Idaho-grown solution.”

“Proposition 2 implements Obamacare. Obamacare was created in Washington, D.C., by the liberals who controlled Congress and the White House at the time. There’s nothing ‘Idaho-grown’ about a healthcare plan that was crafted by Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Bernie Sanders,” Hoffman said. “This is an obvious attempt to mislead voters so that special interest groups can line their pockets at the expense of taxpayers.”

The ad also perpetuates the false claim that passing Proposition 2 would return money to Idaho. As pointed out in newspaper articles and TV reports, passing Medicaid expansion would not return imaginary Idaho money from other states that have implemented Obamacare. Rather, expansion would increase federal deficit spending and add billions to the national debt.

“Shame on Idahoans for Healthcare for their continued dishonesty. Shame on Butch Otter for making one of his final official acts of office to pimp Obamacare to Idaho voters,” Hoffman said. “Fortunately, Idaho voters are starting to see through the deception and dishonesty, and I expect they will overwhelmingly reject Proposition 2.”

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