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President Trump Visits Missoula Montana

Redoubt News was the only media that openly showed support for the United Sates President.

President Trump Visits Montana

President Trump Visits Missoula, Montana

by Tim Ravndal, Montana Reporter for Redoubt News

Early Thursday morning, October 18, 2018, the people of Montana and the Northwest began gathering in Missoula, Montana to greet the President of the United States.

Because the tyrannical unaccountable elected officials of Missoula do not believe in the rights of the people, they refused to open the taxpayer funded University of Montana Adams Field House. The organizers of the President’s rally decided to stage the event at the Missoula Airport where city or county officials have no jurisdiction.

Lines of supporters waiting for President Trump in Missoula stretched as far as the eye could see.

The ability to access the rally became a challenge for both the people and the organizers due to parking availability. Officials decided to stage the parking over a mile from the event location which required the contracting of buses to shuttle the people to and from the event.

Not every October day in Montana can be conducive to standing outside for hours waiting to attend an event. The Good Lord was on the side of Freedom and Liberty that day as the sun was shining on the patriots gathered in Montana. It was easy to ask everyone to stand for the pledge of allegiance due to the fact that there were no seats available.

The “Anti-Tester”

Montana Senator Steve Daines entered the event with a message of faith and confidence for the people of Montana. His message resonated the outstanding support of the President and the need to drain the swamp. Congressman Greg Gianforte came on stage with his message of battle on behalf of the people.

After people were shuttled for over four hours to the “Minute Man Hanger” everyone was overwhelmed to be in position to see “Air force One” come in for a landing! President Trump entered the stage with cheering from around 10,000 people who were packed in and around the hanger. The President’s first remark was asking the people there if they wanted him to wait for the people still being shuttled and trying to get in. We heard there were hundreds of patriots that were held up in traffic long before the event started.

There has been a lot of negative press about Elizabeth Warren also known as Pocahontas. President Trump advised the people that the liberal left and the press is demanding that he apologize. Mr. President humbly stated that he apologizes to Pocahontas for comparing the famous historical figure to someone like Elizabeth Warren. The crowd roared in acceptance and gratification.

Our President went on to acknowledge the shortcomings with Senator Joe Biden who challenged President Trump to a fight. That reference brought forward the push against the liberal media and the way the truth is distorted. The only media source on the platform that had the courage to be identified by the public was Redoubt News. Redoubt News was the only media that openly showed support for the United Sates President. They were wedged in between Fox News and many other news networks remaining silent on the point.

The focus of the President’s speech was to remind everyone that when he took the reigns of the United States we were going down. In his delivery he boasted our economic recovery that continues to grow. Here in the West that focus was on the natural resource industries. The environmental attacks on the industry are being curtailed through the repeal of many regulations. The ability to benefit from these natural resources is gaining in many areas. Senator Jon Tester has consistently voted against all efforts to curtail the eco-extremism that is rampant across America.

In the area of National Defense, the effort to bring back the strength of our military echoes the campaign slogan of “Make America Strong Again.” In his message, President Trump is happy to have facilitated military equipment once again being built in the United States. For a long time, we have not heard a sitting president stand on national security as loud as President Trump. Mr. Trump is still without reservation going to secure our borders with or without the support of Congress.

At the end of the event, the patriots filed out to the street to be picked up by the buses and shuttled back to their vehicles. Montana Highway Patrol officers were on hand to make sure the people had a safe experience in Missoula. County Law Enforcement officials from many jurisdictions were on hand to help facilitate a safe and exciting event for the people of Montana.

Many of the liberal angry people of Missoula staged several protests to the arrival of the President. In and around Missoula there was several cases of destruction of property and disrespect. Across the State, Actor Jeff Bridges was in Bozeman at the same time trying to show support for Senator Tester who is spending millions of dollars to keep his pork belly seat in the United States Senate. The people of Montana are hoping to send him back to the trough on his farm in Northeast Montana.

When all is said and done, the people of Montana will go to the polls on November 6th 2018 to cast their vote. Senator Jon Tester is challenged by the Montana State Auditor and past Montana Senator Matt Rosendale. The race is heated and millions of dollars are being spent.

There is a Libertarian Candidate Rick Breckenridge that is also running for the seat. In the past multiple months, the two predominant parties have worked overtime to maintain control of the election process here in Montana. The major parties filed a lawsuit against the Green Party to disqualify them from the ballot.

President Trump recognized the liberal democrat Kathleen Williams running against the sitting Congressman Greg Gianforte. The President touted her solid record of voting against the Constitutional rights of the people and warned that if elected she will side with Pelosi, Schumer, and other democratic obstructionists.

We should also acknowledge that Elinor Swanson is also running for the lone Montana House seat. Mrs. Swanson is on the ballot as the Libertarian Candidate that is claiming to be the only candidate to have a firm solid stand on the Constitution. So, we will have to see how far the left v. right battle goes and which side wins in a little over a couple weeks.

God Bless America!

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