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Please vote for Dan McDonald on Nov. 6

vote Dan McDonald not quitter
Please vote for Dan McDonald on Nov. 6
There has been a lot of talk and news in the past few weeks on who can we believe, both nationally and locally…
I’d like to share what I know to be true about my friend, Dan McDonald.  Our friendship began many years ago due to perceived differences, however after many lengthy candid conversations we found our differences were ill conceived.  We listened to each other…and we have kept on listening to each other for years.  Dan listens…in fact, don’t tell him, but sometimes I hear Dan say something using my words!  He listens to the citizens of Bonner County, especially the ones who take the time to contact him, whether for the sake of problem resolution, or to compliment the job he is doing.  He also makes himself available on social media and has given his private cell phone number out publicly numerous times.
I ask you, have you called Dan?  Though he may be controlled by law, mandate and ordinances he is a problem solver and he will always try to help you.
Dan is a big man.  He has a great heart, a huge sense of loyalty and integrity.  He has a mighty commitment to his wife and family.  He has a large pledge to the citizens of Bonner County.
Dan, a bully?  I would describe Dan as confident and fearless.  Dan McDonald is the friend everyone wishes they had.
Please, vote to re-elect Dan McDonald on Nov. 6th
Debby Trinen
Nordman, Id