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Personal Testimony for Mr. Dan McDonald

Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald on November 6th.

McDonald is Right Choice for County Commissioner testimony

Personal Testimony for Mr. Dan McDonald

My name is Michael R. Tinsley & I have had the “True Privilege” of knowing and working with Mr. Dan McDonald, for the past (3) years.

My testimony about Mr. Dan McDonald is NOT about how good of a Politician he is, but rather about the type of a Man he is; which directly relates to His public service to Bonner County as a Commissioner.

I have rarely in life encounter a man like Dan, who says what he means and follows up immediately on what he says. Dan is a man of very high moral and ethical convictions.

We both are currently serving on the Life Choices Pregnancy Board of Directors, and he has continuously shown dedication to the “Pro-Life” Cause and a steadfast conviction to His Christian beliefs. Dan is the Treasurer of this organization and in this position he has provided extremely detailed presentations of the Financial Statements to the Board.

In the Public Sector, I have had the opportunity to witness how Dan operates when confronted with not always friendly audience members. He is cool and collected, yet not distant or aloof by nature. He has the facts and is always willing to provide them to the public. The terms “Full Disclosure” & “Transparent Administration”, describe his methods of operation in the Public Sector. He is never afraid to make the tuff decisions, with respect to Budget Cuts or Administrative Changes.

The bottom line is, we need Mr. Dan McDonald in Office as a County Commissioner, for the next (4) years.


Michael R. Tinsley


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